12 expressions for two words that mean the same thing (2023)

With the vast nature of the English language, it is natural that some words have overlapping meanings or one word can have very similar meanings to another word. And while there are already many of these overlapping words, you may be confused as to what to call these words with similar meanings.

12 expressions for two words that mean the same thing (1)

The word "synonyms" is the preferred way to describe two words that mean the same thing. "Synonym" is simple and means that when two words are synonymous, it means that the two words have almost the same definition. This makes it the most appropriate word in any context.


Calling two words "synonyms" is a way of showing that the two words mean the same thing. The word "synonym" also has the same definition. However, it is worth noting that not all synonyms mean exactly the same thing and that there is still a more appropriate word for a particular context.

For example, "thin" and "narrow" can be synonymous in a certain sense. However, describing a person as a narrow or narrow road seems inappropriate. This way, even if two words have the same meaning, there is still a preferred or more appropriate word in a given context. It is better to describe the road as narrow and the person as lean or gaunt. But another synonym for these two words would be thin or slim, which we can use to describe a person or a loved one.

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the same words

Describing two words as "equal" is another way of saying that they are synonymous. In other contexts it can also mean that two things are similar in some way. many tooratheruse "equal" because it still means similar, but not exact duplicates.

The word "equal" is also versatile because it is not only used to describe two words but also for other things that are similar to each other. In the context of words or synonyms, we say that "brave" and "brave" are two similar words. But we can also sayyou twolook alike" or "both dress the same" to express appearance or fashion. So saying that two words are similar is another way of saying that they mean the same thing.

Similar words

The words "like" and "like" are synonyms and mean exactly the same thing in this context. Like "similar," describing two words as similar means that the two words have definitions that are nearly the same or similar in some way, butIt's notmeans exactly the same.

The only difference between using "like" and "like" is the grammar rules or how we structure them in a sentence. We usually say that two words are similar, but when we use the word "similar", we say that they are similar words. So we say, "beautiful and beautiful are similar words," but we say "beautiful and beautiful are similar words." Despite this difference, these two terms and words are still synonymous and mean exactly the same thing.

In a similar way

"Similar" is another synonym for "similar" and "similar", and these three words mean that two words are similar or in the same way. To say that two words are the same is as if one word is also the other. However, to say that there are limitations in the pronunciation of two words is the same thing.

To say that two words are similar can mean that the two words mean exactly the same thing. For example, saying "long and tall are equal" is the same as saying "long is also tall" and means that the two are interchangeable. However, saying that a person is tall may not have the same meaning as saying that a person is tall (it can be both completely inappropriate and inappropriate). Therefore, it is best to use the word "similar" only for words that mean exactly the same thing.

parallel words

Describing two words as parallel is another way of saying they are synonymous. However, there are limitations when saying this because it means that the two are exactly the same or their meanings are exact duplicates of each other, like parallel lines.

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A limitation in using the term "parallel" is that not all synonyms can be exactly the same. That is, they are similar, but not exactly parallel. For example, "happy and joyful are parallel words," meaning they are exactly the same in this particular context. However, you cannot say that "nerd and smart" are parallel words because the two words do not necessarily mean the exact same thing. Smart can be a compliment, while geek can come across as insulting.

Equal / Equivalent

Like the word "parallel," the use of "equal" or "equivalent" means that the two words mean exactly the same thing. In mathematics, equal or equivalent expressions are often used interchangeably. Similarly, to say that the words are the same means that they are interchangeable.

The use of the term equal or equivalent may not be applicable in all cases as not all synonyms are interchangeable in all contexts. For example, the word ugly and hideous can be the same or equivalent when describing someone's appearance. However, ugly is not an appropriate equivalent for terrible when describing the taste of food.

That's all

Describing two words as "the same" is a more serious version of saying that two words are "similar" or "the same". Unlike the last two words, the word "same" emphasizes or implies that the two given words are exactly the same. This is another way of saying both are equal or parallel.

However, describing something as "the same" is not always applicable and varies from context to context. In a context where the two words are interchangeable, "dirty and dirty are equal," for example, "equally" works here. However, there are also synonyms and similar words that are not exactly the same and are not interchangeable.

identical words

Describing two words as "identical" strongly suggests that they are exactly the same. A simple analogy is that identical twins are usually twins who are almost exact copies of each other. Similarly, identical words mean they are duplicates or exactly the same.

However, not all words are always the same. Therefore, the use of the term "identical" really requires more care, especially since it can give the wrong meaning that the two words are exactly the same, but this may not always be the case. For example, the saying "charm and beauty are identical words" may be true for some people or in a certain context, but may not be true for other people or other contexts.

interchangeable words

The statement that two words are interchangeable directly implies that the words are synonymous and interchangeable. It simply means that you can use both words in a certain context. Therefore, however, we only use it for two words that are exactly the same and fit the mentioned context.

For example, saying that "beautiful and beautiful are interchangeable" directly implies that you can use either word in your sentence or in the context in which you want to use it. However, we use the word "interchangeable" only for two words that are exactly the same and can be used interchangeably without any change in meaning.

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We say that words are redundant when they are in the same sentence but mean the same thing. "Excessive" actually means going beyond what is necessary, meaning that it takes more than words to describe what you want to do. Redundant words can be edited in the same way.

An example of dismissal is to say "she was shy and timid the first day". Here "shy" and "shy" may be redundant as they mean the same thing. By keeping the sentence the way it works, you can also remove redundancy by keeping only one of the two words and discarding or editing the other.


To say that a sentence is tautological is another way of saying that it is redundant, implying that there is unnecessary repetition of ideas in the sentence. Although these words are generally redundant, there are various tautological expressions that we tend to use in everyday conversation.

An example of a tautological expression would be "adequately enough". In principle, adequate and sufficient have the same meaning as much as necessary or necessary. Thus, the juxtaposition of the words "adequate" and "sufficient" may seem redundant, but many speakers still use it in various contexts and everyday conversations.


Pleonasm is more of a stylistic and linguistic expression. Uses redundant phrases and words, more words than necessary to emphasize meaning and add more style. The word pleonasm already in Latin origin means exaggeration, and therefore pleonasm also means exaggeration in unnecessary phrases.

An example of a pleonasm is the saying "the fire is burning". Saying "burns" and "fire" becomes redundant, because saying "fire" already means that it burns. Another would be the expression "hear with your ears", which becomes redundant because the ears are the only way to hear.

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12 expressions for two words that mean the same thing (2)

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What is the word for 2 words meaning the same thing? ›

Matt Ellis. Updated on August 16, 2022 · Writing Tips. A synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word (or nearly the same meaning). For example, beautiful and attractive are synonyms of each other because they both refer to someone or something that looks good.

What words have the same meaning as enough? ›

Synonyms of enough
  • sufficiently.
  • adequately.
  • properly.
  • fairly.
  • moderately.
  • satisfactorily.
  • suitably.
  • decently.

What is the word for words that mean the same thing? ›

synonym. / (ˈsɪnənɪm) / noun. a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word, such as bucket and pail.

What are 10 examples of synonyms? ›

II. Examples of Synonyms
  • Bad: awful, terrible, horrible.
  • Good: fine, excellent, great.
  • Hot: burning, fiery, boiling.
  • Cold: chilly, freezing, frosty.
  • Easy: Simple, effortless, straightforward.
  • Hard: difficult, challenging, tough.
  • Big: large, huge, giant.
  • Small: tiny, little, mini.

What is the meaning of just enough? ›

DEFINITIONS1. enough but no more than that. She had just enough money to pay for her bus ticket.

What's a word for had enough? ›

On this page you'll find 36 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to had enough, such as: appalled, outraged, queasy, tired, unhappy, and weary.

What is a sentence related to enough? ›

[M] [T] I have a lot of money and enough time to use it. [M] [T] He spoke slowly enough for everyone to understand. [M] [T] She wasn't wealthy enough to feed her dog meat every day. [M] [T] Spend your time wisely and you'll always have enough of it.

What are the 20 antonyms? ›

List of Antonyms
17 more rows

What are the 20 examples of antonyms? ›

List of 130 antonyms
  • Artificial – Natural.
  • Arrive – Depart.
  • Argue – Agree.
  • All – None.
  • Amateur – Professional.
  • Alive – Dead.
  • Advanced – Elementary.
  • Adult – Child.
Jan 11, 2023

What is one example of enough? ›

Adverb I couldn't run fast enough to catch up with her. She's old enough to know better. Are you rich enough to retire? That's good enough for me.

What is an example of that's enough? ›

"That's enough!" she snapped. That's enough to feed an army! That's enough!

What is the meaning of surely enough? ›

: as one might expect : certainly.

What is one word for strong enough? ›

1 mighty, sturdy, brawny, sinewy, hardy, muscular, stout, stalwart. 4 talented, capable, efficient.

What are examples of enough and not enough? ›

  • There is enough bread for lunch.
  • She has enough money.
  • There are not enough apples for all of us.
  • I don't have enough sugar to make a cake.

What is a sentence for interestingly enough? ›

This recognition, interestingly enough, came first from outside China. Interestingly enough, Simmons at first resisted the idea. Interestingly enough, Tony's workplace would not have to change significantly. Interestingly enough, there is hardly any debate about it.

What is a simple sentence for fair enough? ›

"I'll wash the dishes today, and you can wash them tomorrow." "Fair enough.""He needs more time." "Fair enough, but we can't wait too much longer."

What are the 25 examples of homophones? ›

25 Common English Homophones
  • ate, eight. ate (verb): This is the simple past tense of the verb “to eat.” ...
  • bare, bear. bare (adjective): If something is bare, it means that it's not covered or not decorated. ...
  • buy, by, bye. ...
  • cell, sell. ...
  • dew, do, due. ...
  • eye, I. ...
  • fairy, ferry. ...
  • flour, flower.

What are the 20 examples of homophones with sentences? ›

Homophones List
List of Homophones
Homophone Words & SentencesHomophone Words & Sentences
Bald – He is planning to go bald (hairless)Bawled – She began to bawl (cry) like a child
Baron – His mother is a press baron (important person)Barren – This hall used to be a barren building
9 more rows

What are the 20 examples of homographs? ›

A term with the same spelling but different meanings is referred to as a homograph. Instances of homographs include: Bow, bat, lead, fine, down, wind, tear, fair, close, desert, minute, accent, buffet, content, compact, object, wound, produce, subject, attribute, etc.

What are 10 examples of synonyms and antonyms? ›

Synonyms And Antonyms List
WordsSynonyms – Same MeaningAntonyms – Opposites
AbjectDespicable, servileCommendable, Praiseworthy
AboundFlourish, proliferateDeficient, Destitute
AbortiveVain, unproductiveProductive
8 more rows

What are the D words? ›

D Words For Kids
4 more rows

What are 8 synonyms? ›

What is another word for eight?

What are the 1,000 most common words in English? ›

Here's the List of the 1000 Most Common English Words
  • be – “Will you be my friend?”
  • and – “You and I will always be friends.”
  • of – “Today is the first of November.”
  • a – “I saw a bear today.”
  • in – “She is in her room.”
  • to – “Let's go to the park.”
  • have – “I have a few questions.”
  • too – “I like her too.”

What are 5 synonyms of give? ›

  • apply.
  • apportion.
  • authorize.
  • bring.
  • contribute.
  • deal.
  • deliver.
  • disburse.

What are 2 example of synonyms in a sentence? ›

A Synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word. For example, a synonym for beautiful is stunning: She is a beautiful girl. She is a stunning girl.

What is the synonym for easy? ›

Some common synonyms of easy are effortless, facile, light, simple, and smooth. While all these words mean "not demanding effort or involving difficulty," easy is applicable either to persons or things imposing tasks or to activity required by such tasks. When is effortless a more appropriate choice than easy?

What are 6 antonyms? ›

3SunlightNight; moonlight; darkness
4GrowShrink; reduce
5WorkRelax; play; rest
6HeardUnheard; unaware
8 more rows

What are 2 antonyms examples? ›

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings, like hot and cold, good and bad, and happy and sad.

What are the 3 types of antonyms? ›

There are three categories of antonyms identified by the nature of the relationship between the opposed meanings.
  • Gradable antonyms.
  • Complementary antonyms.
  • Relational antonyms.

What are antonyms Grade 5 examples? ›

ScaredFrightened, afraid, fearful, panicky, worriedCalm, composed, confident
Innocentblameless, guiltless, clearGuilty, culpable, blameworthy
DifficultHard, strenuous, heavy, toughEasy, straightforward, simple
BoringDull, tedious, monotonousInteresting, absorbing, fascinating, gripping
25 more rows

What is the opposite of heavy? ›

The most commonly used antonym for heavy is light.

What is the meaning of tautological? ›

: needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word. also : an instance of such repetition. "a beginner who has just started" is a tautology. tautological.

What can I say instead of similar? ›

Synonyms of similar
  • comparable.
  • analogous.
  • like.
  • alike.
  • such.
  • parallel.
  • identical.
  • corresponding.

What are polysemous words? ›

A polysemous word is a word that has different meanings that derive from a common origin; a homograph is a word that has different meanings with unrelated origins. Polysemous words and homographs constitute a known problem for language learners.

What is heteronyms and examples? ›

Heteronyms are pairs of words that have the same spellings but have different sounds and definitions. Some common heteronyms are the words lead, alternate, and bow. These words might be confused with homonyms, which are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.

What are 5 examples of tautology? ›

The simple examples of tautology are;
  • Either Mohan will go home or Mohan will not go home.
  • He is healthy or he is not healthy.
  • A number is odd or a number is not odd.
Apr 13, 2020

What is the meaning of Periphrastic? ›

periphrastic. / (ˌpɛrɪˈfræstɪk) / adjective. employing or involving periphrasis. expressed in two or more words rather than by an inflected form of one: used esp of a tense of a verb where the alternative element is an auxiliary verb.

What is the meaning of epistemically? ›

epistemic • \ep-uh-STEE-mik\ • adjective. : of or relating to knowledge or knowing : cognitive.

What is a word for similar but not the same? ›

Definitions of analogous. adjective. similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar. “brains and computers are often considered analogous”

When two things are similar? ›

A similarity is a sameness or alikeness. When you are comparing two things — physical objects, ideas, or experiences — you often look at their similarities and their differences. Difference is the opposite of similarity. Both squares and rectangles have four sides, that is a similarity between them.

What is a Hyponym word? ›

A homonym is a word in a set of words that are spelled or sound the same but have different meanings.

What is homonymy in semantics? ›

The word Homonymy (from the Greek—homos: same, onoma: name) is the relation between words with identical forms but different meanings—that is, the condition of being homonyms.

What is polysemy ambiguity? ›

Definitions of polysemy. the ambiguity of an individual word or phrase that can be used (in different contexts) to express two or more different meanings. synonyms: lexical ambiguity. Antonyms: monosemy. having a single meaning (absence of ambiguity) usually of individual words or phrases.

What are 20 examples of homonyms? ›

Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs
accept - take inexcept - other than
right - correct; not leftwrite - scribble
ring - encirclewring - squeeze
road - streetrode - past tense of ride
role - functionroll - rotate
142 more rows
Jul 16, 2019


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