5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (2023)

ManyBeginnerare not aware of the many differentdouble formationsYou can use it to earn points in doubles tennis.

This article examines some of theoptionsYou can use and highlight the pros and cons of using it.

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1. Double back workout

5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (1)

As the name indicatesboth back workoutsIt involves both players starting each point from the baseline and is probably the first thing you'll use when you start playing tennis, as many beginners are more comfortable playing from the baseline.

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It can be used by recreational players, but you might be surprised to find that it's also used by professional players when they're up against someone with a great start.meetand/or the serverParHe's super aggressive at the net.

The difference between professional and recreational players is that while professionals may start the point with their backs to each other, they will try to get to the net as quickly as possible.

While many recreational players play the entire point from the baseline and never try to complete a point.


  • Being more defensive in nature, it's harder for your opponents to hit winners as they don't have a net player to pick from.
  • Both players have more time to hit their shots.
  • Allows players with weak volleys to land groundstrokes.


  • It's harder to hit winners and be more aggressive as you need to hit baseline winners.
  • Playing two backs leaves you vulnerable to drop shots and drop volleys
  • Your opponents will have less pressure on themservice returnwhen you or your partner serves.

2. Forming pairs one on the back

5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (2)

After the Both Coasts strategy, theFold formation up and backIt is often used by beginners and advanced players alike.

One player plays on the baseline with the other player somewhere in the service box.

The baseline player's objective is to avoid the opponent's net player, and the net player's objective is to intercept the opponent's balls.

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Advanced teams will try to have both players in the net at some point to put extra pressure on their opponents.

In my opinion theFormation one up one backIt's the weakest option you can use in doubles, as it's much harder to hit the game winner from the baseline.

If a player stays on the baseline at all points, he gives his opponent an easy option on every pitch, as he can keep hitting the ball to the baseline player until he has a ball that he can.attackthe player on the network com.


  • It is effective against opponents who like to shoot, as the baseline player can move to hit the shot while the net player moves to cover open space.
  • It is easy to operate and does not require much communication between partners, e.g. If the net player gets a lob, they assume the baseline player will be there to cover it.


  • The baseline player will have a hard time hitting the baseline game winners.
  • If you are playing against a Two Up formation, you will have a hard time scoring because you can hit the baseline player when he is in a defensive position and then hit the net player when he has a ball that he can attack.

3. Formation of pairs above

5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (3)

ANDDouble formation of both aboveIt is, in my opinion, the most powerful option you can use in doubles tennis, as it puts more pressure on your opponents and is used by advanced and professional players alike.

The reason why this option is not popular at the recreational level is that players are afraid of it.thrown awayBecause of this, they like to have at least one person on the baseline at all times to cover the balloon.

While there is a risk of being complimented when both are on the net, you must learn to anticipate the compliment as the benefits of having two on the net far outweigh the risk of being complimented.

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Despiteboth in trainingit is the strongest option you can usegoodUnfortunately, it's not used much in the recreational field, as many players fear that if they're too far ahead, they'll get amplified.

It's a shame, because once you master the Both Up strategy, it can solve the problem.goodlooks very easy.


  • Put a lot of pressure on your opponents as they will be forced to make good passes or lobs against you at every point.
  • It's much easier to hit short, winning angles when you're at net.


  • When both players are at the net, you are vulnerable to a well-executed lob.

4. Training in pairs

5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (4)

ANDit's rainingit is an advanced option that you can usegoodand involves the server and the server's partner assuming a more central starting position to cast doubt on the opposition as to which side of the court each player will be covering.

The player at the net points to theserverwhich side you switch to, so your partner knows which side to cover after the serve.

ANDit's rainingIt works best when the server has a strong serve because when he is serving weak he is vulnerable to returns from his opponents on the line.

Formation I is used quite often at a professional level, but less so at a recreational level, as it is not so easy to perform successfully.

(Video) Unusual Doubles Formations

However, it can be a good option to try to put on a different face every now and then.Adversary.


  • It gives license to the network player to be super aggressive as the server covers where the network player is not.
  • This puts extra pressure on the opponents' return of serve as they don't know where the net player is going to move.


  • If the server's serve is weak, his opponent will have the opportunity to hit a hard return on the line before the server or net player can cover that shot.
  • The net player needs to be good at moving around the net as they need to move quickly to avoid kickbacks.

5. Australian Duplication

5 Tennis Doubles Formations - Formation I, Aussie and More (5)

The Australian doubles (pseudonym australian education) implies that the server is positioned close to the center T and the server's partner is positioned directly in front of the opposing net player.

The Australian formation is good at playing against opponents who have picked up the pace with their cross returns.

Similar to formation I, after the server serves, the server's partner signals the server whether to stay or throw, with the server covering the opposite side to which the net player is moving.

ANDaustralian educationIt's great to use in your spare time, as many players aren't used to going back against this build, so you can earn a lot of free points.

Remember, it's important that you and your partner are on the same page if you want this option to work.

(Video) Textbook Doubles: the POWER I FORMATION


  • Help your opponents guess where you and your partner are going to move.
  • If your opponent has a good cross return, you can use the Australian formation to lessen the risk of this hit.
  • You press the opponent's service return because you don't know which side of the court the net player will be covering.


  • If the serve is open, you are vulnerable to a good return from your opponent.


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