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Advance 254 America's Best Cash Advance Reviews (1)



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O Advance America Cash Advance

Advance America is a fast loan company that offers payday loans, installment loans, home loans and lines of credit. Advance America offers online and in-store services in 27 states and delivers eligible funds in as little as 24 hours.

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  • Installment loans, installment loans and title deeds
  • Apply online or in store
  • 1900 location


  • Not available in all countries


Advance America is a short-term lender that offers fast money transfers and fixed transaction fees. Visit the Advance America website to see if loans are right for you.

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Houston, Texas

I have to commend Rhonda for her amazing customer service. I had just moved from Miami, Florida to Houston, Texas and needed some extra cash to make ends meet until the payoff. Rhonda was...

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Nova Blaine, AR

This is my first time using Advance America Cash Advance in Roland Oklahoma and I am very pleased with the service and the very friendly staff who explained everything...

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Payday loans are illegal and unavailable to consumers in some states. Payday loans often have very high interest rates and carry risks. As with any loan, consumers should carefully understand the rates, terms and conditions of any payday loan before taking out the loan.

What is advanced America?

Advance America offers loans online and in-store, and the application process is simple. To apply for a loan online, just visit the company's website. You'll need a social security number, a valid email address, an active checking account, and proof of income to complete the application.

Advance America employs certified loan officers and a dedicated customer service team to provide online loan services, but you can also visit an Advance America branch if you prefer in-store loan services. photo ID, proof of current account, proof of income and proof of CPF.

Many people use Advance America loans to cover short-term expenses and get cash for unforeseen emergencies, but the company's website warns that short-term loans are not a long-term solution.

Fees and commissions in advance in America

Advance America doesn't disclose the full range of interest rates and fees, but says a typical cash advance rate is about $15 per $100 borrowed. This is the price set for a short-term transaction.

Advance America FAQ

Can you pay Advance America online?

Yes, you can pay your Advance America loan online. On the payment due date, your bank receives an electronic payment request from your account and the funds are debited electronically.

What do I need to get an Advance America Loan?

You will need the following documents to apply for an Advance America store credit:

  • State photo identification document
  • Proof of opening and current account
  • proof of income
  • Social Security Number Verification

To apply for an online loan you need:

  • Social security number
  • A valid email address
  • active billing account
  • A valid source of income
Does Advance America do a credit check?

Yes, Advance America checks your credit, but does not report your activity to the major credit agencies.

Does Advance America schedule payments?

Advance America has an extended repayment plan for customers who are unable to pay their loans on time. Log in to your account or visit the store for more information about the extended payment plan.

Is Advance America Legal?

Advance America is a loan company that mainly deals with short-term loans. The company has a simple application process and fast payout. If you need cash urgently, visit the Advance America website to see if you qualify for loan programs.

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TerezaMilwaukee, Wisconsin

Reviewed May 19, 2023

Customer serviceEmployees

My husband and I took out a small loan of $200. To pay it off, my husband agreed that the company would take $20 from his account every two weeks. So after paying off the loan, Advance America continues to take $20 from my husband's account. So far they have charged my husband $80 more. When I called customer service they refused to talk to me even though I was on the account. My phone number is the number we wrote down because it's easier to find. Also, your customer service skills at this call center are a joke. First of all, he didn't even check my account number and didn't help me in any way. He said my husband must be here, and I asked him why and he couldn't tell me. This was repeated over and over again. This company cannot be trusted. I know our loan was small, but if they keep charging $20, imagine how much more they could take with an even bigger loan?

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FrederickPolk City, Florida

Reviewed February 13, 2023

Advance America is a great place to get extra help when you need it. I've used them many times over the past 6 years, recently they've been in disrepute. If you're having trouble managing your finances, don't go to Advance America with unrealistic ideas. Advance America is a business like any other and they have to make money to stay in business if you tag your win. I can't find a better short term loan agreement like Advance America has up front rates (the lowest rates I've found). People need to be responsible for how they use their money. It's not America's job to do that, so if you know you can't pay that price, don't take out a loan! I highly recommend Advance America, they are great to work with, just use common sense. They started this company to make money (not friends), so if you understand this, you will have a great business relationship with them.

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Pan.Ames, IA

Reviewed January 3, 2023

If you are not late, no problem. In addition to high interest on short-term loans. Don't use anything but direct deposit. The card is a scam for more hidden costs. Interest is $55.00 on a $445.00 30 day loan. IM stuck. Monthly payment up to a total of 655.00 per year. The only way out was not to pay and pay on your own terms. They are really hostile. And threatening. Scorning a bunch of tough guys, juvenile delinquents. Treat big customers like trash. Try to intimidate him with payment agreements you can't keep. I was vulnerable at the time and just wanted to make a one time deal. Two and a half years later, I could have done a lot with the $2,000 or so I wasted on interest. I even had to ask the landlord for a little patience with the weekly rent to get me out of the mess I was in. I can pay now. And no more -55 months for refuge. I almost ended up on the street. My parents covered my week's rent from the pension fund. It's just not a good experience.

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DarioJacksonville, Florida

Reviewed October 27, 2022

Hello. I have a very bad experience with this company, I am a low income person and I felt that this company was taking advantage of me. I don't believe I will ever do business with them and they don't care about SSI employees. They only care about scamming people, the way customer service people answer their phones and how they treated me badly today which makes my business relationship with them worse. They were very rude, disrespectful, ignorant and inconsiderate. I do not recommend this company, without which you will be better off suffering. I don't think these people are there to help others, and it's sad that I'm a new customer in this situation. I never use this type of service. I've always been wary of these services and should have trusted my first instinct and not used them, but then I needed them for an emergency. I am very angry and disappointed with this company.

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SaraDeland, Florida

Reviewed on October 18, 2022

Customer service

First, the application process was cumbersome and somewhat cumbersome. The photo upload and ID verification feature didn't appear after uploading the document, so I accidentally uploaded multiple copies. So, since I applied and got approved around 10:40am and not before 10:30am, they couldn't guarantee that I would get the funds by the end of the business day, which was Friday. So I waited for Monday, after work: no funds. I emailed customer service asking why my funds were not received and received a form email saying sometimes it takes time for approval etc.

When I emailed again saying I was approved, I got another email telling me if I wanted to change my loan or to contact customer service. I logged into my account to try the chat help feature and saw that my subscription had been cancelled. Since I had not received a notice, phone call or email that the loan had been canceled or was about to be cancelled, I called to find out why. Customer service over the phone stated that the bank account information I entered in the application was incorrect and therefore the loan was canceled in its entirety.

When I protested that I copied and pasted my bank account information into the application field directly from my bank's website, that there were no errors during the application or approval process, and asked if the loan could be reversed, the customer service representative told me the only way to do so is to go through the entire application and approval process again. I believe they may not have had enough money to pay off all the loans on that particular day and used the bogus excuse that I entered my bank account details incorrectly. I would recommend everyone to use their services and I hope the company closes down for good soon.

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NinaDayton, Ohio

Reviewed September 4, 2022

I keep a close eye on my credit score, so I was shocked when Advance America put a debit account on my credit report. I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ADVANCE AMERICA ACCOUNT!! I have contested the bill twice to no avail. Has this happened to anyone else? What was the solution, I certainly won't pay, it's not my debt!

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Tony'egoFolsom, California

Reviewed March 17, 2022


Applies to Advance America installment loans. I just want to share my experience with Advance America. I have been a loyal customer for many years with fast payday loans up to $255 in California. I have always paid off my loans and never had a problem. Well, I made the mistake of taking out an installment loan because I needed a little more money, and that was a big mistake. This company is no different from all the others that deal with vulnerable people in financial crisis situations. With not so good credit. I never understand why you want to pique the interest of someone who is already financially strapped.

They already know that it will be difficult for us to repay the loan in full in installments because of the astronomical interest rates they apply to their loan. So you pay during the year according to your paydays. Well, what happened is I borrowed less than $2,500 and I ended up paying them over $5,000, which is double the capital I borrowed. I had major financial problems and couldn't keep up with the payments which were about $265 every other week. Even though they knew I had been a customer for years, they tirelessly tried to get more money out of me. I think after two years they not only charged my account but sold it to some dirty collection. Just to get another dollar. Now I am constantly being called and harassed.

Trust me, these installment loans are a trap. Don't be fooled. It is better to borrow money from family or friends, although this may be uncomfortable for some. The usual stress and harassment you want to avoid, it makes sense to choose the second option. These loan companies should be regulated as to the amount of interest they can charge on the loan. Some are even funnier than Advance America. In my opinion, it is a crime to take hundreds of percent of people's loans. The only thing that comes to mind is that the government allows it because it benefits them. My brothers and sisters, I advise you to find another way. Good luck.

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Advance 254 America's Best Cash Advance Reviews (2)

Advance America Cash Advance Response

Advance America values ​​its customers and would like to know more about this situation. Call our Social Feedback Line at 866-682-2992. Thank you.

GladysSheridan, MO

Checked on February 28, 2022


I borrowed $500 and paid back almost $1,500 and still owe $560 on my down payment. They told me that the government requires them to charge 75% interest. I have had several loans with them and I don't understand why this one is costing me so much. I live alone so the money I paid plus interest has reached the point where I can barely survive. I understand they want to make money, but 75% interest doesn't seem fair. After the liquidation, I will no longer get a loan there. They cheat people.

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Advance 254 America's Best Cash Advance Reviews (3)

Advance America Cash Advance Response

Advance America values ​​its customers and would like to know more about this situation. Call our Social Feedback Line at 866-682-2992. Thank you.

The customer increased the rating by 4 stars!

Gladys increased her rating from 1 star to 5 stars after speaking with the company outside the ConsumerAffairs platform.

MuslinHouston, Texas

Reviewed January 18, 2022

Customer service

When I first created an account, I had no problems. I took out 2 loans with them and paid both of them off in full before the due date. Now I'm trying to apply for a loan, but I'm getting rejected because my account has been flagged for possible fraud. When I called to get an explanation, no one could explain why this happened. I don't know what's going on. Every time I call for instructions, they tell me to call the credit bureau, and when I call the credit bureau, they tell me to call Cash Advance America. I find it a bit funny that they reject your loans when you pay them off before the due date. At this point I will figure out how to disable the account completely and just not use your services.

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Advance 254 America's Best Cash Advance Reviews (4)

Advance America Cash Advance Response

Advance America values ​​its customers and would like to know more about this situation. Call our customer feedback line at 1-888-310-4238. Thank you.

SeanSumpor, Los Angeles

Reviewed November 25, 2021

They do what they say - they lend you money for a "payday loan" and deposit it into your bank account the next business day, but they also take the money you owe them from your bank account "the day before" when they pay you. deposited into your bank account... Hence the term 'payday loan' which means a loan until your next paycheck or due date. As a result of Advance America withdrawing the money I owed them "the day before" from my bank account, my withdrawal was overdrawn. If I had the option, I would give it a "zero" rating.

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Advance 254 America's Best Cash Advance Reviews (5)


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