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CashNetUSA is an online lender offering services available in 29 states across the United States.

It offers prepaid loans, installment loans, lines of credit and some bridging loans for borrowers with bad credit who need short-term financial help.

The company has been around since 2005 and was owned by Cash America before becoming an independent company. Acts as a direct lender, except in Texas.

Customers are served through their CashNetUSA account through the CashNetUSA website and app. This short-term lender does not operate in stores.

The CashNetUSA application process does not require credit checks with the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). This means that simply submitting an application will not affect your FICO credit score.

Loan repayment is not reported to the first three credit bureaus. Instead, the creditor benefitsalternative credit reporting agenciesfor inquiries and reporting on how customers repay the loan.

Read on for the pros and cons and CashNetUSA reviews from real customers.

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  • loan possibilities
  • Quick and easy application
  • Funding time
  • Internet Security Center

loan possibilities

CashNetUSA offers loans to consumers with bad credit.

These include several different types of loans according to each state's laws and policies, including payday loans (also known as cash advances), installment loans, lines of credit or flexible loans, and bridging loans in certain states where you can't borrow money directly.

CashNetUSA lending services are available in 29 states (see list below) and provide detailed information on credit limits, interest rates, repayments and other financing policies for each state.

The maximum loan amount ranges from $205 to $2,250. Interest rates vary, but range from 86.9% to 1171.88% per annum.

For most payday loans, the full amount must be repaid by the day of your next payday, which ranges from eight to 30 days, although this range varies by state.

If your next payday is outside the country range, refunds are usually made within 14 days. Some states allow payment plan extensions, others do not.

If you get an installment loan (also known as a personal loan or personal installment loan), payments will be made monthly or bi-monthly. Payments from credit lines are made based on the frequency of your payments.

All related late fees, insufficient funds fees and other fee amounts are listed on each state's Fees and Terms page.

Quick and easy application

CashNetUSA only offers online loans; therefore, you must apply online.

Applicants usually receive an immediate credit decision, although some customers may be asked to provide additional information for verification or may not qualify for immediate approval. To apply for a loan, you must meet several basic conditions:

  • be older than 18 years
  • have a regular, verifiable source of income and earn at least $1,000 per month
  • have an active billing account
  • be a US citizen or permanent resident

Not everything can be approved. Approval decisions are based on your personal financial information and CashNet subscription policies.

Funding time

After approval, how long does it take for the borrower to receive the funds?

If your application is approved by 10:30 a.m. PT, Monday through Fridayin most cases your money will be deposited by the end of the day. Therefore, same-day financing is available, but the loan application must be completed and approved by 10:30 a.m.

If your application is approved on a weekday, but after 10:30 a.m, funds will be paid the next working day.

If your application is approved after 10.30am on Friday, your funds will be transferred to your checking account on Monday.

Internet Security Center

CashNetUSA offers users an Internet Security Center that details security measures on its website. Advice is available on how users can protect their personal information, how to detect and report fraud.

In addition, the site offers fake loan approval alerts and confirmation letters sent with CashNetUSA's name and information.

CashNetUSA advertises 24/7 customer support and offers customers multiple ways to contact them, including:

  • multiple phone numbers for different departments
  • multiple email addresses for different departments
  • physical postal address
  • fax number
  • live chat

Few payday lenders offer such high availability to consumers.

thumbs down


  • negative reviews
  • Availability
  • high interest rates

negative reviews

Most of the complaints and negative reviews of CashNetUSA are related to a fraudulent operation conducted on their behalf and detail the various scare tactics used by the scammers.

However, there are also some negative customer service reviews and reports that some of the statements presented on the CashNetUSA website are not as good as they seem.

Some users say that although certain rates or terms are advertised, the terms are not fully disclosed and the actual practice is not as beneficial to users as it seems.

Apparently, CashNetUSA also offers some promotions or discounts, but applying coupon codes can be tricky.


As an online lender, CashNetUSA offers payday loan services in the US, however, it should be noted that their services are not available in all states.

In addition, all fees and commissions will vary and will depend entirely on where you live and your creditworthiness.

high interest rates

CashNetUSA is a loan company. It offers financing to people who do not have access to traditional loans.

For this reason, CashNetUSA loans are not cheap and should not be considered a long-term financial solution.

Interest rates are high. CashNet publishes extensive state-by-state details on its website regarding available loan options, regulations, loan rates, late fees and renewal options.

APR rates in available states are listed below.

  • Alabama: 228,13-638,75% TAEG
  • Alaska: 166.86-521.43% RRSO
  • California: 207.81 to 805.28% APR
  • Delaware (installment loan): 89-449%
  • Florida: 176,61-684,38% APR
  • Hawaiian: 201.32 to 805.28% APR
  • Idaho (line of credit): APR 299%.
  • Illinois (installment/credit loan): 205-415% p.a
  • Kansas (line of credit): APR 299%.
  • Louisiana: 182,5-912,5% ​​APR
  • Maine: 78,21-684,38%
  • Michigan: 150,1-706,73%
  • Minnesota: 90,38% -547,5%
  • Mississippi (installment loan): 249-299%
  • Missouri (installment loan): 89-449%
  • Nevada: 260,71-1140,63%
  • New Mexico (installment loan): 89-175%
  • Dakota do Norte: 243,33-486,67%
  • Ohio: 291,96-1171,88%
  • Oklahoma: 136.53–434.07%
  • Oregon: 140,26-153,77%
  • Rhode Island: 260,71-1140,63%
  • South Carolina (line of credit): 325%
  • Tennessee (flexible capture): 275.85%
  • Texas: 664.17-662.27%
  • Utah (line of credit): 299%
  • Virginia (line of credit): 299%
  • Wisconsin (installment loan): 89-449%
  • Wyoming: 235,43-235,55%

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding loan amount, loan terms, finance charges and processing fees. For this reason, not all states can offer payday loans. If they are not available, other states offer short-term loans or installment loans.

As noted above, some states will allow you to request an extension or deferral of payment. The lender encourages customers to contact customer service at least two business days before the deadline to verify your eligibility for a deferment request.

Also, as with all loan companies, interest and fees will always be high and clients will have to pay significantly more than the loan principal. Clients should be prepared to carefully read the terms of their loan offer before signing it.


the final result

CashNetUSA is a payday loan company that primarily provides payday loans to consumers with bad credit and other credit difficulties. Services are available in 29 states, and financing types, as well as certain loan limits, interest rates, repayment terms and additional fees vary by state law.

Although the loan limits are wide, CashNetUSA typically offers payday loans from $300 to $500, and the loans are usually paid off with your next payday within 30 days.

Interest rates vary greatly from state to state, but are generally high, which is typical of payday loan sites like CashNetUSA. Several reliable customer support channels are available, including live chat.

Potential buyers should be aware that this is not a long-term financial solution. Rates and terms vary by location and situation, and customers should carefully read the terms of a potential loan before agreeing to take out a loan.

Have you ever worked with CashNetUSA? Was it a good or bad experience? Let us know by posting a short CashNetUSA review below.

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