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CashNetUSA is an online cash lender that offers a variety of loan options for consumers who need quick access to funds. This is a popular option for people who have below average credit and may not be approved for a traditional bank loan. The amount you qualify for and the repayment terms depend on your debt history and your state's specific requirements. To qualify for a CashNetUSA loan, you must be 18 or older, have a verifiable source of income, have an active checking account and reside in the US.

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  • It offers various short-term loans
  • Same working day financing
  • Simple registration process


  • Simultaneous borrowing is not possible
  • higher interest rates


CashNetUSA is an online lender. It offers a simple application process and funds are deposited the next business day.

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Nashville, Tennessee

A fast and reliable service for anyone who needs cash for urgent needs or just extra cash for withdrawals. I applied online and it helped me a lot while filling out the…

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Sub, Pasadena, Florida

I have been a customer for a long time and have always had a great experience. Even in these difficult times, they work with me. Great CashNet USA. I hope it will always be a good habit...

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Payday loans are illegal and unavailable to consumers in some states. Payday loans often have very high interest rates and carry risks. As with any loan, consumers should carefully understand the rates, terms and conditions of any payday loan before taking out the loan.

What is CashNetUSA?

CashNetUSA is an online lender that offers a variety of options to anyone who needs cash fast. The company works with people with below average credit scores.

To qualify for a CashNetUSA loan, you must complete an application on their website. You will be asked to provide basic information such as your name, phone number, date of birth, address and contact preferences. You will immediately receive a confirmation email letting you know if your application has been approved.

In most cases, you will not need to fax or email any documents unless:

  • You receive social security or a disability pension
  • you are autonomous
  • You receive alimony

If your application is approved before 1:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, you will usually receive your funds before the end of the day. If your application is approved at any time, the funds will arrive the next business day. If your application is approved over the weekend, you will receive your money the following Monday.

CashNet USA Loans

CashNetUSA loan terms vary by location. There are no prepayment penalties and you may qualify for refinancing depending on your state of residence.

CashNetUSA offers flexible lines of credit in certain states, as well as installment loans. Unsecured installment loans can be repaid in several scheduled installments over several months, and there is no early repayment penalty for this type of loan.

Installment loans are long-term loans that are usually used for larger expenses. Loan amounts vary by state, but range from $300 to $3,500. Unlike term loans with prepayment, installment loans are repaid over several months.

CashNetUSA fees

Interest rates vary depending on the amount borrowed, the length of the loan and state requirements for payday loans. In Texas, the annual percentage rate (APR) for a two-week loan is about 441%.

Fees also vary by state, so check the CashNetUSA website to see if their services are available in your state and what the fees are. Be sure to read the contract carefully and ask the representative about any additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about CashNetUSA

Is CashNetUSA a scam?

One of the most common signs of a payday loan scam is a request to deposit money in advance. CashNetUSA does not take your privacy and security very seriously.

Is CashNetUSA a payday loan?

No, CashNetUSA offers open lines of credit and installment loans.

Is CashNetUSA safe?

Yes, CashNetUSA uses various technologies to protect your money and personal information.

What time does CashNetUSA deposit funds?

If your application is approved before 1:30 p.m. CST, the loan will typically be funded the same business day. If your application is approved after 1:30 p.m. CST, the loan will typically be funded the next business day.

Where is CashNet located?

CashNetUSA is an online lender.

CashNetUSA loan by check?

Your credit history will not affect your ability to qualify for a CashNetUSA payday loan.

Is CashNetUSA legit?

CashNetUSA is a viable option for people who need cash fast. Since the company's founding in 2004, more than 5 million people have used CashNetUSA to help them manage their finances and access money when they need it most.

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DeboraFenton, Missouri

Review published by CashNetUSA

Reviewed February 9, 2023Verified purchase

Accuracy and speedtrial

My experience getting a loan from Cash Net USA was easy but professional. I had no problems or doubts and the loan was approved on time. The documents were quickly available and I was able to print them. During the entire process, I did not have a single question that was not answered.

Thank you for your vote!

Em JaneColumbia, SC

Review published by CashNetUSA

Reviewed January 15, 2023Verified purchase

Customer serviceEmployees

Very easy to navigate to get the help you need. They never hesitated. Excellent communication. I definitely recommend it. The payment options are fair and useful. When I asked for help, they were very willing to help. Excellent information is provided on the processing steps.

Thank you for your vote!

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KatarinaBelton, South Carolina

Reviewed August 9, 2023Verified purchase


This service gives you quick access to money at a higher interest rate since it is short-term like a quick loan and is not intended for long-term use because otherwise it will be difficult to pay it back due to interest. But that's exactly what I wanted. Access to Quick Cash for short-term use when pay comes and I just can't cover something. This prevents me from receiving the NSF fee because I am unable to pay the bill I receive and then I can pay it on payday so I don't have to pay high interest. I am very satisfied with the product. The one star deduction is only because the interest rate is too high, but that is to be expected for this type of loan.

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MarijaYoungville in Los Angeles

Reviewed July 30, 2023Verified purchase

Customer serviceEmployees

I've been trying to find remote work so I can be here to help my mother with dementia and my husband after a stroke, the company let all 32 people go from training courses without notice. I tried to find others but found only scams. You will help me in my need and for that I am eternally grateful. I work at a local grocery store, but I'm still trying to find work from home. You'd think that 35 years of customer service experience and open availability would help...but so far, it hasn't. Just keep the faith. Thanks again for all you do! Let everyone know they're awesome. Have a nice day, Maria

Thank you for your vote!

Keishaspring, texas

Reviewed July 4, 2023Verified purchase

A very simple, open and transparent process. I really appreciate being able to do all this for online availability. Less hassle and quick measures. It was nice to be able to read the entire contract and not have anyone breathing down your neck. I will definitely share this experience with others. I didn't have a value option, and that would have been a good option too. For example, if the maximum amount is $1,500, you should be able to take what suits you, no amount up to $1,500. This is always a good solution and will serve even more clients who are not limited by a certain amount and feel that they have options when they need to use this type of loan.

Thank you for your vote!

brandaoEsmirna, Tennessee

Reviewed March 27, 2023Verified purchase

Accuracy and speed

CashNetUSA is a solid financial lender if you need payday cash. In my case, I used them when an unexpected, sudden expense came into my life and usually disrupted my finances for a week. When that happens, I connect with CashNetUSA and they lend me the amount I need to see me through the storm until I get paid back. They work fast to get you the money you need. They have really good and reasonable rates so you don't feel ripped off when it comes time to pay off your debt. I will always do business with CashNetUSA if they stay true to their unwavering business practices. Thanks again to CashNetUSA for helping me get through a bit of an unexpected situation.

Thank you for your vote!

TripCaney, Kansas

Reviewed January 6, 2023Verified purchase

Accuracy and speedEmployees

CashNetUSA will always be my #1 company for quick loans. Payment plans visually give you the actual payment and due date to help you plan your goals and budget your finances. When you make a payment, a small portion of that payment will be returned to your account and accumulated. If you are in a difficult situation and need extra cash quickly, you can access accumulated funds. CashNetUSA has always worked with me when I was in trouble and missed a payment. All of the customer service representatives I spoke with were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about their products and services. All of my issues were handled quickly and respectfully, helping me get back on track with my responsibilities at CashNetUSA. I am a happy and satisfied customer.

Thank you for your vote!

BrittanySao Luis, MO

Reviewed August 16, 2023Verified purchase

Customer serviceAccuracy and speedtrial

My experience with CashNet has been amazing! The process was simple, quick and stress-free. I filled out the online form and 2 minutes later it was approved. I was informed about the terms and fees by e-mail. The next morning the funds were deposited into my bank. They also have excellent customer support. Thank you!

Thank you for your vote!

AllisonRidge Spring, South Carolina

Reviewed August 11, 2023Verified purchase

It was easy, hassle-free… simple! It takes approximately twelve minutes and 24 hours or less to have funds in your account. Easy return! I have questions Customer service very helpful and polite. Explain everything you need if you don't understand, but it's obvious!

Thank you for your vote!

They already areNashville, Tennessee

Reviewed August 11, 2023Verified purchase

Accuracy and speedtrial

It was a quick and fast process. Thank you. I'm glad I made it. I had no complaints. I will recommend to a friend in the near future if he needs to apply for a loan somewhere. I'll tell them it's easy. I've never had a problem and I hope it stays that way.

Thank you for your vote!

AmandaBiloxi, MS

Reviewed August 9, 2023Verified purchase

Customer service

It was great to get a quick response and the money I needed for an emergency and qualify for more than I needed. As a consumer, it is my responsibility to ensure that my money is returned on time and I look forward to using CashNetUSA again in the future when I need it.

Thank you for your vote!

DustinaPlaquemine, Los Angeles

Reviewed August 5, 2023Verified purchase


Cindy was amazing. He was very patient, kind and knowledgeable, and in the process of preparing and giving all the information, we had one thing in common, and that was a parrot in a corral, so it was actually a very pleasant and easy process.

Thank you for your vote!

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