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Online cash loans can save your life when you find yourself in trouble. If you have ever found yourself without funds and withoutfinancial safety netthen you know how it is when you need a little help.

With a safe and affordable instant cash advance, you can cover your bills and avoid late payments on your credit report. But the next time you have a flat tire or a flat water heater, you shouldn't take the first cash payment Google offers.

You never know what fees can be hidden in the fine print! Instead, take the time to review your options before choosing a cash advance that's right for you and your situation.

What is a cash advance?

A cash advance is a short-term loan offered by lenders such as your bank or credit card company. Typically, cash advances can be accessed at an ATM, a bank counter, or even a grocery store checkout counter. But thanks to online banking, you can also get a cash loan online!

Once you have the funds, you can start paying bills, fees or fines. If you have money left over, treat yourself and finance a day at the spa!

However, remember that there is a catch. Most cash advance providers charge high fees and interest on relatively small loans that may not suit your needs.

How do cash advances work?

When you take out cash, you're taking out a loan through a line of credit, such as a credit card. Many cash advance lenders charge high fees or interest. Sometimes they even charge for both.

In this way, they encourage borrowers to return the funds as soon as possible to avoid unwanted additional fees. But some lenders like MoneyLion offer short-term loans with no penalty!

What to look for in a cash advance service

When researching cash advance options, you should pay attention to several important features. For example, search for:

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quick registration

If you're looking for quick cash, you probably won't have long to apply because you'll have to wait for it to go through the normal loan approval process.

current deposits

Who still has time to go to the bank? We don't! Your online cash advance service will deposit your money directly into your checking account, hassle-free.

Low APR and other fees

High interest rates can affect your ability to repay the loan. Save money up front by finding a supplier that offers a reasonable APR. An important rule is to calculate how much interest you will pay if you return the money in full within two weeks.

Additionally, cash advance fees add to the cost of the loan. Be sure to check with your service provider about any additional fees or surcharges outside of the APR.

Some cash advance services offer up to 0% APR and free access, like our very own Instacash Advance! Once you know that free or free services exist, why not do your research to find the best price?

It has no effect on your creditworthiness

One of the best benefits of cash advances is that your loan won't affect your credit if you pay it back on time. Avoid banks that require a high credit score as this will drastically lower your credit score. Instead, choose a service like MoneyLion that only does smooth checking!

How can I get a cash advance?

Depending on your lender, you may be able to access your money at an ATM, in-store till or by cheque. It depends on your lender.

For example, some providers such as MoneyLion may even offer online cash loans. But before you take out a loan, it's worth knowing what you're getting yourself into and considering a few factors.

search, search, search

Contrary to what some lenders claim, a cash advance is not same as onepayday loanor onetitle loan. While cash advances can have high fees, some payday lenders charge more.600% APRIL!

Also, if you put your car up as collateral, the lender can repossess your vehicle if you are unable to pay the cash advance on time. A real cash advance comes from banks, credit card companies, or other reputable financial institutions like credit unions.

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Before making a down payment, make sure your provider is an established provider with a low interest rate.

understand boundaries

Lenders and banks often limit the amount you can withdraw as a cash advance. You can usually link your bank account or submit a payment slip online to find out how much money you're entitled to.

If you use a cash advance option on your credit card, the fee schedule should list withdrawal limits, which may be separate from your total credit limit. And with MoneyLion, qualifying for a cash advance is as easy as linking your checking account or opening an accountRoarMoneySM accountwith direct deposit.

Check rates and interest rates

It's also important to ask if there are any fees or interest if you accept a cash advance. For example, many credit cards charge up to 25% interest.morecash advance fees! These fees are usually around 3% to 5% of the withdrawal amount.

Additionally, most credit card advances do not allow for a grace period, meaning that interest will start accruing the day you access the funds. If you want to avoid the hefty penalties associated with credit cards and online cash advance lenders, turn to a financial institution like MoneyLion. Can't beat free accessInstacashSMafter APR 0%!

Connect with your bank and verify your account

Cash advances do not require collateral in the form of cash or car ownership, so your bank may take extra steps to verify your eligibility. Each financial institution has its own requirements, so if you want to pay in advance, check the requirements of your bank or card company.

Once you qualify for cash and verify your account, your bank may also need to verify your income. With MoneyLion, for example, you can qualify for $50 immediately, but you must first make two recurring direct deposits before you can receive the maximum amount of up to $250.

Apply for a cash advance and get your money back!

Once you've chosen a lender and linked your account, it's time to apply for a cash advance online! This can usually be done through a web portal or mobile app. Then just wait for the lender to approve your application.

However, some banks do not require you to complete the final step. For example, with MoneyLion, money will be deposited into your account as soon as you deposit the same day!

Welcome to MoneyLion Instacash

We've suggested the benefits of our Instacash prepaid service several times before, but it's time to tell you more about Instacash! If you are short on funds and urgently need a quick boost, MoneyLion offers a unique cash advance designed to help those in need.

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comeMoneyLion Instacash, you can get up to $250 whenever you need it. Plus, there's no interest, no monthly fees, and no credit checks. All you need is a checking account with proof of recurring deposits or a RoarMoney account with direct deposit enabled. Best of all, the bigger and more consistent your deposits are, the more Instacash you'll unlock!

Once you qualify, you can request funds in minutes and opt for same-day delivery for a small fee. Next day orders are eligible for free standard shipping.

How to get a MoneyLion cash advance online

Now that you know your options, you may be wondering where to start. Here are the best steps you can take!

Step 1: Open an account

The first step is to open a MoneyLion account. You can apply online or download the MoneyLion app from the App Store or Google Play. You will need to provide some basic information including your name, phone number, address and social security number. In addition, we will need to verify your identity with a valid official ID card.

Step 2: Set up direct deposits

To access Instacash, you must set up direct deposits or attach your bank account. Follow the instructions in the app or web portal!

Step 3: Request Instacash

To receive an Instacash advance, tap the "Finance" button in your app. Then click on "Instacash". From there, simply request funds, choose a delivery method and confirm the transaction!

Step 4: Use your money!

Once you've confirmed your Instacash amount, you'll see the money appear in your MoneyLion checking account. time to spend!

Introducing the new MoneyLion safety net!

A $250 cash advance with 0% APR is great and all, but what if you need more? Maybe closer to $1000? Or do you have extra money that you want to invest?

Easily view all available funds with RoarMoney, Instacash and MoneyLion trading account in one place.

You can also manage rounding where each trade will put a small change in your trading account after each pass.

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Now you'll have the tools to always get back on your feet. Easily set up recurring direct deposits to your RoarMoney account

comeThe new MoneyLion safety netWith this feature, you can manage and view all available MoneyLion funds. We're here to help you get through life when it hits unexpected expenses. With our complete financial solutions, you can have access to:

  • AKonto RoarMoneywhich allows access to payments up to two days in advance
  • Instacash advances up to $1000 at 0% APR with two recurring direct deposits
  • Afully managed investmentauto invest wallet ithemed wallets
  • Combine investments to maximize your free funds

Access MoneyLion and find out how we can help you achieve your financial goals!

frequently asked questions

How much can I get with a cash advance?

With our standard Instacash offer, you can borrow up to $250 interest-free. But with our new financial safety net, eligible accounts can borrow up to $1,000!

How can I return the cash advance?

You can give back to us in two ways. Make a down payment manually or let us automatically deduct the cost of your loan from your next Direct Deposit. Either way, you'll never have to pay a dime in interest.

How much does a cash advance cost?

Access to MoneyLion Instacash is free and costs 0% APR. However, if you choose same day delivery, we require a $3.99 Turbo fee.

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Can you get money instantly with MoneyLion? ›

MoneyLion Instacash gives app users small cash advances, but you'll pay a fee to get funds instantly.

What app gives you $250 instantly no credit check? ›

Empower's got your back. Get up to $250 instantly*. Say goodbye to overdraft fees and stressing about money. No credit score or security deposit to qualify.

What app will spot me $100 dollars instantly? ›

CashSpotUSA is an instant cash advance app that offers instant loans starting at $100. You can get money the same day, and the application process takes only a few minutes. CashSUSA doesn't fund the loans themselves, though. Instead, they are a marketplace that brings together lenders and borrowers.

How long does it take to get instant cash from MoneyLion? ›

The Turbo Fee applicable to you depends on the disbursement amount you selected. See below for the full Turbo Fee pricing structure. Regular delivery: Receive your Instacash funds in 1 - 2 business days at no additional cost.

Why won't MoneyLion give me instant cash? ›

Any account that cannot be confirmed as a checking account, such as a savings or money market account, will not qualify you for access to Instacash advances.

What app gives you money instantly? ›

Dave is a mobile banking solution that's designed to help you with all areas of your finances. As part of its services, the platform offers cash advances up to $500. All new members also receive a Dave Spending Account, which allows them to receive the funds instantly for a small fee.


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