Kellogg's Corn Flakes Marketing Trial Production (2023)

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Kelloggs is the world's largest producer of ready-to-eat cereal, employs more than 13,000 people and produces more than 1 billion pounds of ready-to-eat cereal annually for distribution in more than 160 countries. From its humble beginnings in Battle Creek, Michigan, it has grown into a global organization with manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and markets around the world. dr John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Keith, the founders of William Kellogg, invented corn flakes as a healthy breakfast option in 1894. John is in the sanatorium. Over 100 years later, it's still the world's most popular breakfast cereal. It came under pressure from supermarkets and began producing popular store versions under its own brand, Cereais Matinais. Corporate communications tools and strategies are discussed in this Kellogg's report. organizational communication.

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The Kellogg Company was formed to facilitate the production of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and formed the newly formed WK Kellogg Company in Battle Creek in 1906. I wish the innovation of two ready-to-eat cereals would change the way people drink peanut coffee all over the world. and the impact of today's food industry around the world. WK Kellogg began growing the business in 1914. In 1938 Kellogg built factories in England and Australia. After the death of W.K. Kellogg in 1951, Kellogg continued to expand, building factories in America and Asia. In 1958, Tony the Tiger won the competition in Kangaroo Katy One, voice actress for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes character, and became a mainstay of American culture. Pioneering innovative products include Kellogg's convenience foods including: Cake Pops, Eggo Frozen Waffles, Nutria Grain Bars and Restaurants. by acquiring and innovating vegetarian food company Worthington Foods in 1999 and building the organic foundation of Kashi Food Group in 2000. Kellogg's Snack Leader Feebler founded the Foods Company in 2001

Company description, KELLOGG

As of 2006, The Kellogg Company, with 2006 sales of $11,000,000,000 is the world's leading grain producer and the leading manufacturer of convenience foods, including crackers, crackers, toaster ovens, granola bars, fruit snacks, frozen and veggie waffles. Kellogg's products are manufactured in 17 countries and sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The Kellogg Company is divided into two main divisions: Kellogg North America and Kellogg International. Kellogg North America, which includes in-depth cereal, snack and frozen food and specialty retail channels in the United States and Canada. Kellogg International's businesses are divided into Europe and Latin America and Asia and Australia (Asia Pacific). North America Group of Companies Cereal Retail Many popular brands such as Special K and frozen flakes and Kellogg's Kasha our natural brand. Kellogg International's businesses in their respective regions are almost exclusively focused on cereals and healthy snacks. Companies in Europe include brands like Special K cereals and Crispy Nut Flakes, as well as healthy snacks like Special K bars. Activities in Latin America are also focused on cereals, including, for example, the Kellogg's brands zucaritas and cornflakes, as well as healthy snacks such as all-bran bars. Asia-Pacific companies include cereals such as Kellogg's Bran Flakes and All-BranNutri-Grain in Japan and Australia. and granola bars.

vision and mission

Kellogg Company and Vision Statements to describe its mission to focus on unsustainable growth, the broad definition of social responsibility and the true strength of the company's people and brands. The company's vision encompasses all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, consumers and communities. Their mission states where they are as a company today and where they want to be in the future. Whose vision and autonomous mission. Principles and fundamentals of how the company works: K-values, participation of people and the community.

Source of Kellogg's website

DEFINES corporate communications

Basically defined, exchange of corporate communications between elements of society. Basically, this type of communication corresponds to the scope known from the communication science subject "organizational communication". Communication in an organization, many skills needed in other forms of communication: clarity of disclosure of communication,

listening, conflict management and many other basic communication skills. Whether organizational communication differs from other forms of communication within the organizational structure and the environmental contexts that exist during the communication.

Corporate Communications / Public Relations:

â-ª Development and coordination of corporate communications programs for various internal and external clients.

â-ª Develop relationships with clients and customers to drive business growth and profitability.

â-ª Collaborate with industry analysts and editorial contacts and secure corporate media, magazines and analyst reports.

â-ª Data analysis to identify business opportunities, Director of Communication

management to propose viable solutions.

â-ª Development of communication and online publications/newsletters, staff/customer updates and news producing publications such as brochures, brochures, annual reports

â-ª Emphasis on communication and crisis communication and interviews with the media, electronic media and outreach programmes, camps etc. of public service organizations online. to improve the company image.

(Video) Corn Flakes.

Effective corporate communication

Efficiency can play an important role in corporate communication The potential success of a company or company. The reason is obvious, most people want to communicate with other people and not with the response of the voter registration computer system. Imagine the frustration of trying to get a direct answer to your question about a product or

Service, organization refined but call automated voice response system. Well, the same frustrations that occur in organizations that do timely corporate communications. For example, it is very important to communicate openly and honestly with your employees. Today's workforce is demanding and not everyone will appreciate your franchise, but they won't be less forgiving of you. A set of messages through official channels such as conferences, newsletters, corporate videos, value statements, etc. The other set of messages

"Provided", informally by a combination of "off the record" and

daily activities. For the current rhetoric of suspicion without anyone

The action quickly disintegrates into empty slogans and company propaganda.

According to Cricket Communications CEO Swenson, “What do you do at Sue?

Hallway is more powerful than anything you say in the boardroom."

Finally, in relation to the employee, the nature of communication behavior is influenced 10% by “traditional” vehicles, 45% by organizational structure (regardless of punishment or reward) and 45% by management.


Why is corporate communications strategy important at Kellogg?

Kellogg's Corporate Communications promotes primary and supportive physical activity in all populations by using resources to fund and implement physical activity-based community programs for consumers and the general public. He wants to strengthen the connection between physical activity and Kellogg's. Kellogg's use of cereal packaging to convey the “balance” message to consumers and the implementation of food labeling allow consumers to make choices about the right food balance.

Effective communication is essential for a progressive strategy. Kellogg's success stems from the way consumers communicate goals to explore how to "strike the right balance." He developed several styles of communication to convey the message “Eat to all customers.

Link corporate communication with corporate goals

The company's second Global Corporate Responsibility Report, a comprehensive account of its strategies, primary source and direction of the marketplace, workplace and community, will be released on April 7th. "To mark the 150th anniversary of our founder, the Kellogg Company is proud of our continued efforts to build on the legacy of WK Kellogg, to inform and empower the company, and to do good for the environment and society," said David Mackay , President and CEO , Kellogg Company. Attention was paid to a comprehensive review of the role of voice communications companies in Kellogg's identity. Rather, they serve as a tool for visual consistency and behavior of messages. Discourse in corporate communications is defined as a method of loving engagement at work. Speech for the balance of symbolism and content as two sides of the same coin: the overall goal of the company. In addition to the environmental partners and providers, the discourse is an important aspect of corporate responsibility.

Task 1.3

Branding and Corporate Communications at Kellogg

The brand is a key issue for companies operating in the international market today. Kapferer (1992: 46-7) argues that branding means more than just a brand or product name: “Brands are the direct result of market strategy and product segregation discrimination. the characteristics of each brand-specific customer needs under different economic circumstances. Many companies and their products and brands compete in global markets. Corporate branding refers to the strategy, the brand itself (Chernatony, 1997), product brands are based on identities for different products.

Kellogg was the main sponsor of swimming in Britain. This is how Kellogg's sponsors swimmers and strives to provide the best possible support to swim clubs.

The relationship with the renowned ASA Kellogg has somehow helped people live healthy and balanced lives. This strengthens the positioning of the brand.

Working with ASA Kellogg has helped create connections with many other companies and partners. For example, Sustains UK says sustainable transport organization. the National Cycling Network subject of activities

Promoting physical activity and encouraging support for the development of the free Kellogg scooter timer advertised on television in 2007.

This is how corporate communications drives Kellogg to become a consolidated brand in the international marketplace.


Kellogg Communication Audit

In this chapter, we look at Kellogg Company's communications audit to increase communications capacity and identify strengths in areas of the organization and identify weaknesses that may need improvement. How Communication Works Downs & Adrian (2004)

Supervisor who, formally or informally, has the skill or ability to practice basic communication. This will determine what works, what doesn't, and what could work better than making the necessary adjustments. Consolidation Meets brand values ​​and information needs Show the audience that the story is true, but more importantly, the right words to most effectively build interest in the story across direction.

Review of the communication and implementation methodology

The communication audit or common communication practices between

organizations and can be applied internally via a communications department or external consultancy services ( 2010). They are very similar. The aim of this report is checked in five steps. We recommend Hargis & Tourish (2000) with only steps 1 -

(Video) Why Did Americans Stop Eating Kellogg’s Cereal?

4 are used


Internal Communication

Application for internal communication, corporate communication.

all others work. This includes all aspects of corporate staff exchanges.

Head of internal corporate communications informed

Employees, their employees together at eye level, between

Communication within different departments of the same company and other tasks.

Internal business relationships based on strong corporate communication,

Without the opportunity, the Express company will not be able to build or maintain



Plan development stages:

Step 0.1

understand communication training.

Tynes (1999) defines this phase as “a general idea at a practical level, the functional areas of organizational communication:

Phase.2 - Provide a measurement rating scale. Assessment Stage.1 should be described in more than one measure or scale that can be assigned to quantify the effectiveness of different existing communication practices.

Stage 3 completed with current activities and communications evaluating Kellogg's health issues. Level 1 of existing business communication. Gets better

Step 0.4

Because the matrix will require better performance in the following areas, the website has achieved optimal performance.


Kellogg's Internal Communications / The Current State of Practice

Internal communication takes place within the organization. Kellogg's many uses

different ways to communicate with your employees. For example, Kellogg's Magazine features an article from the home of everyone who works for Kellogg. The magazine contains articles on topics such as a balanced diet and proper exercise.

hand in sport and in the community. To encourage employees to walk, Kellogg provided each employee with a pedometer. These activities helped employees understand the Kellogg Company's goals and why the company was doing this.

He could.

Likewise, the Kellogg's intranet, which uses the brand very well and demonstrates the company.

(Video) The Doctor who STERILISED KIDS minds with CEREAL - Kellogg's Exposed



Define the external company communication

No definition of corporate communications is complete without understanding external communications. External communication and business is how companies convey their message. This is how companies define the outside world and convey this message.

External business communications include creating trade show related websites, distributing brochures, visiting clients and more.

External Communication

External communication takes place between the organization and the outside world. For a large organization, Kellogg uses many avenues to communicate with its customers. For example, it uses the message from the cartoon character Jack and Aimee, which emphasizes the need to get "stock".

correct balance. “With Jack & Aimee, Kellogg is able to educate parents and children about the importance of exercise. The characters can be found on the back of cereal packages.

The company also produces a range of customer brochures on specific topics

as nutrition and health, calcium for strong bones. They are available on the website.


The semiotics of the Kellogg's logo

Kellogg's bright red background with white logo packs a punch

very memorable The Kellogg logo is published in various media, for example on the Internet, in newspapers or in small businesses. Based on this, logos must be credible as the basis of all business, especially in e-commerce. Credibility takes many different forms depending on the industry. , so we use a modern but reliable design. On the other hand, a financial or related institution such as a corporation needs to provide stability and reliability for strong and stable icons and fonts. Market research has shown that customers respond to a strong and effective brand image and certain assumptions about your business based on your company logo before promoting your product or service.

A cross-cultural approach to business strategy, Kellogg's

Many cereals have well-recognized flavor and texture profiles across cultural boundaries. For example Kellogg's Cornflakes, all countries where Kellogg sells its products.

globally standardized manufacturing techniques that make the production of flavors unique and consistent throughout the global market. However, due to trade restrictions and geographic distribution restrictions, corn flakes are made across Europe with a different variety of corn than in the United States, the texture and appearance of the product change in character. If Kellogg's corn flakes existed in the US now, they would be pale yellow in color compared to the more common golden flakes in Europe. Kellogg's global marketing expertise combined with our cereals expertise and technology results, Kellogg's cereals and the convenience of developing foods that meet the unique needs of select high potential products


Other methods of business communication.

After a goal and goals are created, Kellogg plans a process to develop a strategy and set of actions. the recommended daily amounts. The GDA helps these consumers understand the recommended daily allowance of nutrients in Kellogg's foods. collaboration with other groups

A major manufacturer, Kellogg introduced a new format in May 2006 with clearly identified products and packaging for the greater Dublin area.

He worked with Kellogg for many years to encourage people to be more physically active. The company began working with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) in 1997 with six long-term goals. that of society.

To encourage people to walk more often, anyone with the Kellogg Free Pedometer can use an All-Bran Band to measure their daily steps. In 2006, consumers claimed more than 675,000 pedometers.

Kellogg will continue to support the Global Network of Food Banks (NSG).

Non-profit organization formed in 2006 to create, build and provide food banks and food banks

worldwide networks. It was Kellogg, who gave $250,000 to the organization in 2009

three founding partners and our member Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility

SGS directors. The GFN Council operates in 18 countries to provide support

Grocery and food banks to start a new bank in the communities where they are located

(Video) Breakfast cereals were invented to curb sex drive

necessary. For example, in 2009 NSG opened four food banks in South Africa.

The first in this country. Seed funding from the Kellogg Corporate Citizenship Fund and ours

Johannesburg Office Helps start the food banks which were inundated with requests for help when they opened

Areas need improvement

After examining a matrix, the following areas appear to be improving towards the ideal or measured condition.

1. Communicate the order and receipt documentation clearly, including to external stakeholders.

2. Continuous review of the overall business strategy of each task to maintain the vision of the target company.

3. The current focus is on better alignment with the organization's goals to fulfill the vision and mission.

4. The introduction of feedback mechanisms on the effectiveness of communication teams to understand the effectiveness of stakeholders and the target group.



The effectiveness of corporate communications can play an important role in the success of a company or business. The obvious reason is that most people like to communicate with other people and do not register computer systems with speech output. Think about how frustrating it is when you're trying to get a straight answer to a question about a product or service, but your organization is being filtered to request an automated voice response. Well, the frustrations plague organizations that don't implement timely corporate communications. For example, it is very important to have open and honest communication with employees. Today's employees are more demanding and not everyone appreciates your honesty, but they never will. forgive him less. Open and honest communication goes beyond telling the truth when it is to your advantage. The communicator needs to be a dynamic, even aggressive, communicator who shares everything—opportunities, risks, mistakes, potential mistakes—and then invites people to work together on those challenges (Goman, 2006).

Another factor to consider for effective business communication is communication that is incompatible with organizational systems and unnecessary management actions. Business leaders initiate the importance of communication based on behavior change management as a prerequisite for learning. Organizations often send two change notices at the same time.


Corporate communications planning goals

Promote the development of a communication plan, new and better monitoring

•Link Policy

•More effective programs to implement the public consultation and communication strategy and to monitor its effectiveness;

development of guidelines to support communication;

•Media relations (including preparation of media resources);

•Advertising coordination;

•Internal Communication (Newsletter, Intranet);



Multi-channel simulation, built-in monitoring process function, and branding and workflow make quality control easier, communication specialists spend less time

Project management and concentration on the upcoming tasks.


Kellogg's success in achieving its goals is clearly due to the way Kellogg serves its customers. It uses cartoon characters to offer advice on children and parenting. It also produces brochures. Internally, Kellogg uses its in-house magazine to spread the word. Kellogg Research Learn about a balanced diet and regular exercise to help people stay healthy.

communicate this message through their brands and promotions. Published by the organization on The report shows that Kellogg's has resulted in a consistent corporate communications strategy.

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