Monotubs explained: simple, efficient, effective (2023)

If you've been researching or participating in the homegrown mushroom community for a while, you've undoubtedly heard of one of the most popular tools of the trade… the mighty monotube!

But what exactly is a monotube? Why are they so popular? Why are they recommended to both beginners and experienced mushroom growers?

In this article from Monster Mushroom Company, we'll go through the entirety of monotubes and answer all the questions above and more - by the time we're done here, you'll know everything you ever wanted to know about monotubes (and then some). Plus, if you're thinking about purchasing our flagship All-in-One set that includes an expertly crafted single tub, you can order with confidence knowing that this deceptively simple 'Tek' is one of the best. the best options available to local mushroom growers.

We will start with a description of the monotube and look at its main features, but first a short recommendation:

Stop! This free guide will introduce you to common mushroom growing terminology.

Throughout this article and many other resources on the Monster Mushroom Company website, we use terminology that you may not be familiar with if this is your first exposure to the wonderful hobby of growing mushrooms. We will use terms such as fruiting body, inoculation, incubation, substrate and many other professional terms.

The main features of the monotube

Monotubes really embody the three "E's" you saw in the title of this article: simple, effective, and efficient.

A monotube is a modified plastic container like the ones you see in big box stores, usually used to store or transport items. They basically look like giant Tupperware containers. In the context of mushroom cultivation, a monotube is used as a fruiting chamber (a vessel in which mushrooms are grown).

You may see monotubes labeled "only monotubes". The word is just a slang term used in the mushroom growing community and simply means technique, although some would like to think of it as a nicer acronym meaning "educational technical knowledge". In any case, monotubes have been perfected over the years and are widely recommended because they work.

All monotubes have holes cut or drilled, usually four to six, two on each side along the length of the bowl and one on each side across the width. The number of holes depends on the size of the tub, but usually an eight-inch hole is ideal. The purpose of the holes is to allow air to enter the monotube because mushrooms, like humans, need fresh air to survive. These holes should be about an inch in diameter - large enough to allow air to flow through, but not so large that they cannot be properly filtered.

This is the second part of the single pipe that needs to be adjusted: the fresh air holes (or "vents" if you prefer) must be filled with a breathable material that is thick enough to prevent the entry of pollutants and airborne particles. the rest of the pipe. chamber, but porous enough to allow air flow. We usually use Polyfil. Each multipurpose set contains one lot.

Then the monotube must have a cover. Most plastic tubs contain them, but it's a good idea to use snap-on lids or lids that fit snugly on the tub; this is again to prevent debris from entering the tub. The monotube that comes with our kits has a very strong latch.

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Finally, monotubes must have a tinted or tinted bottom. If you've never grown mushrooms before, this might surprise you: mushrooms are extremely enterprising organisms that will try to grow wherever they can. Since there are not many transparent plastic containers in nature, mushrooms are not used to them - they just grow in the direction of sunlight. However, in the case of a transparent tub, the light will fall sideways, so the fungi will try to grow along the edge of the tub. Ultimately, this leads to waste as these mushrooms will never reach full maturity.

Anyway, some people prefer to paint the outside black (never the inside as the chemicals in the paint can seep through the fertile medium) with spray paint or something similar. However, an easier and more effective method is to attach a black bag (eg garbage bag or weed bag) to the inside of the tub. As long as it can block the light from the bottom of the monotube, it will work fine.

This is our preferred method as it requires no additional painting or preparation by the end user. It also has the advantage that you can fill the monotube with fruiting medium to the height you want for the next crops - if you paint the outside bottom of the monotube, that will essentially be the height you will stay in this container forever. . .

That's enough when it comes to the essential and essential features of a monotube. Now you understand what we mean by deceptively simple! While it is true that the monotube is "just" a plastic box, it is much more than that.

But what about growing outdoors? DO I HAVE TO BATH ONCE?

No, you don't "have to" have single tubes, but the reason so many mushroom growers use them is simple: they work.

Let's be honest: if you're new to growing mushrooms, save yourself the headache and don't try growing them outdoors! You can do this later when you become a little more intimate and understand the mushrooms, what they need and how it all works. First, learn how to grow mushrooms indoors using a single tube, then experiment outdoors. Monotubes are a tried and true method; the hard work of figuring it all out has been done for you.

Growing mushrooms outdoors is more difficult because you don't have the same control over the elements as you do indoors - of course, you can't prevent pollution and bacteria or your neighbor's cat from interfering with your hard work in the same way. which is possible when growing indoors. Many mushroom growers are successful outdoor growers and you could be one of them, but learn the basics first.

Just our three cents!
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Getting a professionally prepared monotube instead of making your own

Many mushroom growers choose to make their own DIY monotube instead of buying a professionally made tube. If you really want to DEY (do-it-yourself), this might be a good option - however, there are a few compelling reasons why you'd want a professionally made monotube like the one included in the Monster Mushroom Company's all-in-one kit.

Consider the following for a moment:

  • Cutting the vents is an absolutely critical and unavoidable step in ensuring the functionality of the single pipe. Trimming them properly is actually a bit more difficult than you might think - even with a decent drill, many would-be home mycologists have smashed and ruined their new tubs. You also want the holes to be smooth and free of plastic debris. You also need to take accurate measurements. As you can see, there is more to it than just drilling a few holes in a box!
  • Finding a plastic tub with the right type of lid can be difficult. If you've used plastic containers before to store or transport items, you probably already know how fragile they can be - we offer sturdy lids with locking mechanisms and that's what we use in our monotubes. These tubs are more expensive (if you can find them at retail) but well worth the effort and expense.
  • Finally, you may not be able to find the right size tub in your local stores. A tube that is too small will make your harvest less successful than it could be - your mushrooms will compete with each other for resources, ultimately resulting in poor fixation and fruiting. The monotube must weigh approximately 54 liters. This is the single tube size we always use and we highly recommend you do the same whether you plan to order our multi-purpose kit or not!

Once again, single-tubes proved to be deceptively simple. If you're a beginner grower, we really believe the best thing you can do for yourself to give yourself a "fair shock" when you're growing mushrooms properly for the first time is to choose our All-in-One Kit. ; there is nothing more terrifying than trying to grow mushrooms for the first time and seeing all your efforts go to waste.

What's more, the comprehensive kit includes everything you need to successfully grow mushrooms at home on your first try, including step-by-step instructions, our amazing fruiting and propagation media, and more. We really stand behind our product - and we know from experience that even novice growers can use it successfully, as hundreds of satisfied customers have told us that they were able to grow large, fleshy and juicy mushrooms for the first time. use it!

Monotubs explained: simple, efficient, effective (3)Items and accessories you will need with your mono bath

The monotube is a very important piece of the mushroom growing puzzle, but it's not the last thing you want before you get started. We highly recommend that you take a moment to read our detailed article "Everything you need for amateur mycology at home".

In this article, you'll learn all about all the items and hardware you'll need for your one-piece tub. Don't worry—none of these things are particularly exotic or expensive (after all, growing mushrooms at home is actually one of the cheapest and cheapest hobbies in the world), but at least you'll want to know what else you like I'll need.

All of the items covered in this article, including our Super Shroom Final Fruiting Medium and our Super Spawn Packs of Sterilized Beans, are included in the all-in-one kit. To learn more about substrates and why they are so important during the mushroom growing process - at home and even in a professional environment - read our article What is a mushroom growing medium?

Our spawning and spawning substrates are the end result of years of experimentation, research and good old trial and error. We've done all the hard work for you because we really don't think our pads are unbeatable!

How to start growing mushrooms at home right away with a professional monotube and other accessories

We think you probably already know the answer to this question if you've been following this article carefully!

Yes, the best way to start growing mushrooms at home is with our comprehensive mushroom growing kit, which really has everything you need and has been carefully selected by professional mushroom growers.

Trust us, we've thought of everything - you'll even get a digital hydrometer/temperature gauge, a sterilizing spray, and a system for drying, drying, and storing your mushrooms once they've been grown. And don't be fooled… with this kit you will grow them! (Maybe more than you know what to do with!).

Combine that with the great resources we've compiled for you on the Monster Mushroom Company website and you've got a project you can't miss. If you're looking forward to buying a monotube and starting your own mushroom cultivation at home, start here. We can't wait for you to join this great community!


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