The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (2023)

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (1)

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (2)

Written by Matt Stevens

What putting stroke do you work with?

Keeping the answer to this question simplifies the search for your next putter. Although I use a light arc strike and preferesperanza, straight-pitch players have a balanced bat for limited spin.

In this post, I present the 7 best balanced face putters for 2023 to keep your putts on track. You'll find that the mallet-style putter is the most common head design in this category, as clubhead-style putters are rare to find these days.


  • Pros and cons of balanced facial clubs
  • What to look for in a Good Face balanced putter
  • 7 top face balanced putters

Pros and cons of balanced facial clubs


  • It is easier to stay straight during the shot.
  • Promotes greater precision.
  • Limits twisting of the face during punching
  • very lenient
  • Produces clean rolls


  • Not suitable for extreme archery.
  • Large profile decks may not be right for everyone

What to look for in a Good Face balanced putter

CG center position

While balanced-face putters work best on straight pitches, Phil Kenyon explains how center of gravity (CG) position affects spin. The further back and down you move your center of gravity, the more likely the clubface will turn and pull during the shot.

Therefore, a club with a balanced face and center of gravity closer to the heel may perform better on light bow shots. This is because the clubface is open on the return and is not completely perpendicular to the line as straight shot golfers prefer.

So if you are looking for a true face balanced putter, I suggest looking for options with a centered center of gravity that will keep your head straight and stable at all times.

Double layer hose or central axis

Club manufacturers typically use four designs of sleeves to accommodate golfers of different strokes. However, balanced face sticks are often met with adouble foldor a mid-shank hose that induces face balance and is better for straight shots.

If you are using a short hose or plumber's hose, the blade will open on the backstroke to accommodate an arcuate stroke. This hose makes it difficult for straight shot clubs to keep their face straight at impact.

perimeter weighting

Most balanced face putters feature substantial clubhead profiles that produce exceptional forgiveness across the face. I suggest looking into a perimeter-weighted mallet putter to improve stability, improve MOI, and increase speed and forward swing.

When manufacturers use perimeter weighting, it helps align the putter face into contact for an accurate putt. Plus, the added support around the face preserves ball speed and topspin over a larger area of ​​the club.

Without perimeter weighting support, you lose ball speed, spin, and off-center accuracy.

shaft length

Shaft length is the last factor to consider, as it affects your stance, course of fire, and angle of attack. Most standard putter shafts are 34 inches long, which is adequate for the average golfer. However,Taller golfers may prefer the extra inch of a 35" putter..

On the other hand, shorter golfers can hit the ball better with a shortened 33-inch shaft. The bottom line is that you should be able to easily build and hit your ball for a smooth shot. If your golf club is too long or too short, it can cause you to hit the ball erratically, veering left and right off target.

7 top face balanced putters

1. Odyssey White Hot OG Seven – Best Overall Face Balanced Putter

First option

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (3)

Putter Odyssey Golf White Hot OG (Asiento)

Odyssey White Hot OG putters offer the original White Hot formula, feel, sound and performance in a two-piece urethane insert. Odyssey engineers combined a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling of the surfaces.

Check the price on Amazon


  • Improved moment of inertia
  • exceptional comments
  • adjustable weights
  • Clean the milled surface
  • Create a smooth roll.


  • moderately expensive
  • The pistol grip can increase the action of the wrist.

To achieve the best face-balanced clubs, a flat club should produce a smooth feel, smooth acoustics, high MOI, and clean swing. In my experience it isOdyssey White Hot E SeteThe putter thrives in all of these areas, providing excellent distance control and accuracy around the green.

First, the two-piece White Hot urethane insert cushions every touch for exceptional response on the dance floor. This helped my long throw performance to better assess the power required for each shot.

Despite the White Hot insert, the rest of the Odyssey's face has been expertly milled to ensure a rich, clean finish. Additionally, the OG Seven has 15 and 10 gram weights that can be adjusted to target your preferred flywheel mass.

Next, the mallet-style winged putter incorporates perimeter weighting that maximizes stability and MOI to keep the putter aligned on the target. Lastly, the Odyssey White OG Seven putters feature a pistol-sized DRX grip that can increase wrist movement for some golfers.

2. Wilson Infinite Buckingham: Best Precision Balanced Face Hammer Putter

budget selection

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (4)

Putter WILSON Infinite Buckingham

Promotes consistent control of impact, roll and distance. Simplifies lineup for all players.

Check the price on Amazon


  • affordable price point
  • Double milled face improves friction.
  • Produces a clean roll
  • Provides a smooth feel
  • advanced alignment aid


  • The bridle is not the prettiest putter head.
  • Not as cheap as their harmonized putters, but for good reason.

With costs rising, our wallets need a break in the form of a quality, affordable putter. luckily she isWilson Buckingham Infinitoit meets these challenges with a double-milled face, improved forgiveness and a consistently smooth ride.

I enjoyed increased friction at impact due to the double-milled face, which provided a clean, consistent roll with limited slip. I also appreciated the soft feel on all shots, which improved my feedback for better distance control on long-range efforts.

Wilson has added a solid lineup aid that uses perpendicular sight lines to better frame the ball at address. I felt this increased my aim awareness from my face, which helped me deliver my ball on the intended line for improved accuracy.

The Infinite Buckingham also features an anti-glare finish that eliminates steering distractions. Finally, this putter featured a large grip that restricted wrist movement during the stroke to keep the putter face flush with the line.

3. TaylorMade Spider Tour Black 3 – Flat balanced stick for a more forgiving face

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (5)

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter negro n.º 3

Modern putter bat made of different materials for high MOI, stability and better swing.

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  • extraordinary forgiveness
  • Increases friction
  • Create a clean roll.
  • Maximum EM
  • glare resistant design


  • Overwhelming Alignment Help
  • Some golfers may prefer a thicker grip, but it worked for me.

Forgiveness is essential for the average golfer to achieve greater accuracy and speed control on the putting surface. I found theTaylor Made Spider Tour Negro 3It offered excellent forgiveness thanks to its high MOI design, consistent roll, and improved contact response.

The companionship of a 6061 aluminum core and 304 stainless steel frame gave me exceptional moment of inertia and perimeter weight. This increased clubhead stability at contact to preserve spin and speed on off-center shots.

Added to his forgiveness were some welcome comments that made it easier to judge the strength of delayed putts. Additionally, the Pure Roll insert increases friction to maintain spin and ball speed on the face. As a result, I produced a clean roller with limited rotation.

I also appreciated the black finish which took the glare factor out of the headset so I could focus on putting it on. TaylorMade used a SuperStroke GTR 1.0, a thicker grip to minimize wrist movement. Finally, the double layer hose is the only option for a balanced face setup.

4. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11: The best balanced putter for accuracy

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (6)

Cleveland Huntington Beach Weich 11

Speed-optimized face technology creates consistent distance on every shot, even on misses. Deep-groove diamond CNC milling patterns give you a smooth feel with a real roller that starts online.

Check the price on Amazon


  • Increases accuracy
  • i high
  • Provides optimum advance on every shot.
  • Soft touch
  • Increases friction


  • I struggled with glare on occasion
  • For some golfers it can feel ultra smooth.

Cleveland is capable of making smooth, smooth, and accurate putters for less than the competition. It seems that they have done it again, this time with theCleveland Huntington Beach Weich 11, which is the most accurate face bat bat of the year.

Of course, the Speed ​​​​Optimized Face technology gets all the credit and deserves it for the forgiveness it offers. For me though, it's all about weighting the perimeter. The winged mallet design increases stability and keeps the clubface straight on the line of shot for precision on the dance floor.

Then, the diamond CNC milled pattern created a smooth feel on every putt and increased friction for optimal advancement. I understand that some players may find the feel too dull and prefer the consistency of a face insert, but I like it pure.

Cleveland chose a single curved hose that is better suited to straight-backed golfers. Additionally, the standard grip is an oversized Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft, an excellent choice for limiting wrist movement on backswings and forwardswings.

5. Cobra King Vintage Nova – Best for Clean Coils

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (7)

Cobra King Vintage Nova-Putter

The classic blade shape is made from 304 stainless steel and features a single line of sight to improve steer alignment. The aluminum face insert uses 4 lofts down to ensure the most consistent and accurate swing for every swing style.

Check the price on Amazon


  • Produces a clean, consistent roll.
  • Improves friction on the clubface
  • stable execution
  • Wide cuff limits wrist action
  • glare resistant design


  • moderately expensive
  • Adjustable weights are sold separately.

If the golf ball leaves the face of the club, you lose control of distance and forward spin. In my experience it isKing Cobra Vintage NovaThe putter eliminates this challenge by initiating a clean pitch on the clubface to increase your chances of emptying a putt.

I created a clean and consistent roll with the Vintage Nova, thanks to its advanced SIK front insert with Descending Loft Technology (DLT). The 4 downward loft angles ensure that each angle of attack creates enough friction to maximize ball speed and topspin.

Engineers played around with their boots by stabilizing the clubhead thanks to its classic catch design and adjustable weight fit. The fangs stabilized the heel and toe club to balance the face on missed shots, while the weight supplemented my launch requirements.

Cobra used a single-bend hose on the King Vintage Nova to increase face balance with an oversized SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 grip of their choice.

6. Ping Tomcat 14 - Better feel


  • Soft touch
  • Improves friction on all hits.
  • Increases ball speed and topspin on the clubface
  • advanced alignment aid
  • Maximum pardon


  • caro
  • Not the most attractive design.

Hot off the press is the Ping Tomcat 14, the brand's most forgiving and accurate putter for 2023. A firm milled face and putter design combine with a catwalk-style alignment aid to keep you straight and to the side on every remaining shot. .

The firm face not only improves friction, but also creates a smooth, acoustically enhanced feel for improved response. This helped me realize how hard I had to hit each ball to judge top distance, giving me a better chance of landing pairs on long shots.

Then the balanced clubhead has perimeter weighting which works wonders for stability and helped me keep the clubface in contact. Plus, it allowed me to maintain ball speed and spin on every shot for excellent feed and accuracy.

In addition, Ping engineers have moved the center of gravity back and down to increase spin accuracy and forgiveness on the clubface.

Link to buy at Global Golf

7. Mizuno M-Craft III – Best balanced milled face putter

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (8)


Forged 1025 carbon steel. Precision CNC milled.

Check the price on Amazon


  • Create a smooth sensation
  • Increases friction
  • Promotes a clean, smooth roll.
  • adjustable weight system
  • awesome party


  • caro
  • There are no shaft options for smaller golfers.

Rounding out our list of the best face balance putters for 2023 is theMizuno M Craft III. In my experience, this expertly crafted flat is the most balanced face putter in 2023. It offers a buttery-smooth feel, clean swing, and no glare.

Mizuno engineers constructed the M-Craft III from 1025 carbon steel for a smooth and durable clubface. Every time you stroked the ball, it gave off a soft, comfortable sensation for exceptional response on the dance floor. Additionally, clubface friction has been increased to preserve fast ball movement and spin.

I also appreciated the forgiveness of this mid-mallet putter, which helped me achieve satisfying speed and accuracy. I created clean spin on all shots to ensure optimal distance control on short and long range shots.

Mizuno designed the M-Craft III with adjustable weights that allow golfers to change the setting of the club's swing weight. Finally, the grip of choice is a standard pistol grip, which can cause excessive wrist movement for some players.

The 7 Best Balanced Face Putters for 2023 [Pros & Cons of Each] (9)

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