Top 10 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Brands | (2023)

Since the 1960's, fiberglass RV brands have been the original ultra-lightweight towable RVs in the United States and Canada. You'll see these rounded or oval square trailers at campgrounds and on the street, but never in a dealership or showroom.

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which of the best fiberglass trailer brands suits your needs. We're going to break down the pros and cons of some of the more well-known brands so you can be sure you're choosing the right egg on wheels that's best for you.

What is a GRP trailer?

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Bolar was the first fiberglass trailer brand to open its doors in the late 1960's Ray Olecko revolutionized the trailer industry with an ultra light double hull travel trailer towed by new 4 cylinder cars hitting the road.

With the high fuel prices of the 1970s due to the 1973 gas crisis, the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of these "eggshell" fiberglass RVs quickly made them a hot commodity.

Over time, fiberglass trailers gave way in popularity to larger, more modern travel trailers. Unfortunately, Bolar closed its doors, but not before inspiring several brands of fiberglass trailers.

Fiberglass caravan brands according to Bolar

While not the most popular, molded fiberglass RVs continued to prove themselves to be some of the most durable and reliable RVs on the market. With few seams, these fiberglass RVs are much less likely to leak. They are also naturally well insulated and durable.

Unsurprisingly, fuel efficiency, durability, and a cool retro vibe made fiberglass campers long before the RV boom of 2020. Direct from one of the fiberglass caravan brands was usually 6 to 9 months. That jumped to over a year during the VR boom.

How to Buy a Brands RV Fiberglass Travel Trailer

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All brands of fiberglass camper trailers use a mold to build the shell of their trailers. This manufacturing process creates a sleek, virtually seamless hull. Often sealed with epoxy or resin, these RVs are leak and corrosion resistant.

Almost all brands of fiberglass RVs sell their RVs through direct orders and build every trailer for every customer. One or the other manufactures mobile homes for dealers, but they are made regionally.

The nature of this sales model means there are no showrooms. If you're interested in buying a fiberglass RV instead, the manufacturer offers you a tour with one of their existing customers.

If you decide to purchase, place your order directly with the manufacturer over the phone. A sales rep reviews options such as the difference between luxury models with wet rooms and standard floorplans, which generally don't have one.

Being custom built also means that you usually have to wait several months before your equipment is complete. Investing in a fiberglass RV isn't exactly the out-of-the-box experience that buying other RVs can be, but the customization is something many customers appreciate.

Are GRP trailers good?

Fiberglass jackets are formed in a mold resulting in a rounded, egg-like appearance. The curved lines mean they are more aerodynamic and fuel efficient than other travel trailers. Seamless roofs and sealed exteriors also add to the longevity of these RVs.

Despite their popularity, fiberglass trailer manufacturers still work to order. Each camper is handcrafted to perfection for its recipient.

Top 10 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Brands

Let's take a look at some of the best fiberglass trailer brands and what makes them unique.

1. Rascal pendant

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bandit pendantHe is a direct descendant of Bolar. As such, it is one of the oldest and most trusted fiberglass trailer brands on the market. In fact, Scamp still uses the same proven original Bolar molds.

Although Scamp has been on the caravan scene since the early 1970's, the innovative features and interior designs have remained.

Scamp currently offers seventeen different floor plans in three different sized trailers. All models are lightweight travel trailers capable of towing quarter ton or, in many cases, a mid-size SUV trailer.

Scamp's updated luxury interiors offer a choice of oak or birch wood. While their caravans can be ordered in a standard or deluxe version, their fifth wheel plans only come in deluxe.

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The standard 13ft trailer model gives you a choice of a couch or a wet room. The full-size deluxe model also has an additional dining area option.

Scamp 16ft travel trailers offer layouts very similar to their 13ft counterparts. The extra square footage also means you can choose between two of the following features: a sofa, an additional dining area or a bathroom.

All 19-foot fifth wheel floorplans include a wet room and updated hardwood furniture. Between the 3 different floor plans you will find bathroom and kitchen size variations.

Deluxe or Standard, you can choose to customize each Scamp caravan with an awning, stove, wooden interior and/or air conditioning. Whether you prefer a small, ultra-lightweight caravan or a compact, economical fifth wheel, Scamp may be one of the best fiberglass travel trailer brands for you.

2. Oliver's trailer

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One of the newest fiberglass RV brands on the market isOliver's trailer. Manufactured by Oliver Fiberglass Products and based in Tennessee, the founders of this brand have been involved in the fiberglass industry for decades. In 2008 they expanded into trailer production and Oliver's first caravan debuted.

Longevity and robustness have been the focus of this brand since its inception. Today Oliver's double hulls are built on an aluminum frame fitted with zinc anodes to resist corrosion.

Each RV also features fully enclosed tanks, piping and mechanical systems, all of which are heated to prevent freezing. Heated panel sliding windows are also standard.

These really are all four-season campers. But if you decide to put your RV adventures on hold for the winter, Olivers offers an EZ Winter System.

When it comes to floor plan options, Oliver Travel Trailers makes it easy with just two model options. The Legacy Elite is the base model and is only 18.5 feet long.

This camper has a small rear dining area that converts into a bed. But the most notable feature is the fiberglass casing, molded directly into the fuselage.

The Legacy Elite II is the largest caravan park that Oliver offers. This model is 1.50m taller, with the same sleek fiberglass body and two different designs to choose from.

Whether you choose the rear sleeper/diner or twin layout, the Elite II's interior is spacious and modern.

Whichever model of Oliver caravan you prefer, you can rest assured that it has been carefully built to 'last a lifetime'.

3. Escape Trailer

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getaway traileris another fiberglass trailer brand based in Canada. This fiberglass travel trailer brand has been on the RV scene since 1993. Best known for their highly customizable interiors, it's no surprise that their tagline is "Built for You."

Escape offers six different models with a total of ten different layouts. Their RVs come in a variety of sizes, from a compact 17.8ft travel trailer to a more spacious 21.2ft fifth wheel.

All but one of the various fiberglass Escape travel trailer layouts have a bathroom with shower. Most floor plans offer a traditional bed in addition to a dining area. If the floor plan doesn't include a traditional bed, find a second diner for more seating and sleeping options.

In addition to the many different sized trailers and layouts, Escape prides itself on customizing your RV to suit your style. Cabinets come in three different options, and there are seven standard options for countertops, upholstery, flooring, and paneling.

Escape is there for you if the default options aren't right for you. They've partnered with Formica to offer dozens of countertop colors. They also have a relationship with Mannington, Armstrong Flooring and Shaw Flooring to offer even more flooring options.

Fabric options are also plentiful. Most customers will choose a fabric from Sailrite or JT's Outdoor Fabrics as they ship directly to Escape. However, Escape are happy to offer other options and will even let you send in a fabric of your choice to install in your trailer.

The many models and layouts combined with the numerous interior options offer thousands of possibilities to customize an Escape. Of all the fiberglass caravan brands, Escape might be the one for you if you are looking for a unique fiberglass caravan.

4. Remolques Trillium Hinterland

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Although a newer company, at least in terms of today's brands of fiberglass trailers, the founders ofManufacture of indoor trailersYou have been in the industry for over twenty years. In fact, the Outback uses the original Trillium molds to create its aerodynamic two-piece fiberglass shells.

Based on the popular Trillium trailers (Bolar's original competitor) of decades past, Outback owners are motivated to incorporate the latest technology into each trailer.

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You can customize your Outback trailer with a solar power pack to 'go further and see more', which is also the Outback motto.

Other options include a television mounted above the extended counter and a microwave mounted in the additional closet space.

Outback can personalize the interior of a caravan in terms of design. A popular option is an extended dining room. This third sleeping space is ideal for a child and the desk makes a great extra workspace when not being used as a bed. Another must-have for most outback homeowners is the bathroom with optional vanity.

If you don't like the standard design options, Outback can build a custom trailer to suit your needs. Trillium Outback Trailers is a fiberglass trailer brand worth checking out.

5. Casita caravan

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There are two older Bolar brands that are still on the market and are very popular.Country traileris Bolar's other older fiberglass travel trailer brand that started using the same shapes.

In 1981, Bolar founder Ray Olecko asked for help expanding into the US market. Don Eveland stepped forward (the same Eveland family that owns Scamp) and opened the casita pendants with copies of the original Bolar shapes.

Just a few years later, Eveland sold the casita to John Lang. Today's Casita fiberglass campers are a combination of the visions of Olecko, Eveland and Lang.

Still based on the same form, modern casitas have flexible floor plans with modern features. In true Casita spirit, they continue to be one of the most family-friendly fiberglass travel trailer brands on the market.

When you look at the five different floorplans being offered today, it's easy to see why the casita is popular with families. These fiberglass RVs offer more sleeping space than comparable RVs, especially given their compact 17-foot floor plan.

Most casitas sleep three or four people. Some even sleep up to six people. Deluxe models feature a front wet cell. But even standard floorplans have built-in storage for a portable potty.

If you don't want to use the wet room, you have additional sleeping space in the form of front bunks. This is a great option if you have access to camping toilets or separate portable toilets.

Even if you opt for the onboard wet room, models like the Casita Heritage offer space for bunk beds and a bathroom. This combination of comfort is unrivaled in a similarly sized small travel trailer.

The multiple sleeping arrangements, ability to be towed behind most family vehicles, and bathroom options on all models make the Casitas a great choice for fiberglass families.

6. Sleeping II

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HimSnoozy IIIt's under new ownership and isn't the same Snoozy fiberglass travel trailer brand it was yesterday. These spaceship-shaped RVs are aerodynamic, lightweight and fuel efficient. At just under 20 feet tall, you might be surprised at the luxurious feel that comes with the standard package of fiberglass RVs from this brand.

The exterior of each Snoozy II has a gel coating that is lighter and stronger than previous models. The frame even has a lifetime sweat guarantee. You'll also love the tons of outdoor storage space, huge windows, and ¾ inch walls that provide excellent insulation.

Upon entering you will be impressed by the functionality of this floor plan. Rear entry and the option of choosing between a queen-size bed in the front or two single beds optimize the space available.

The queen floorplan features a pull out sofa for additional sleeping. The double floor plan has a slightly smaller sofa. Regardless of the size of the sofa, it is smallCaravan without dining roomIt has a dining table or a desk. Both layout variants are also equipped with a cassette toilet as standard.

You can upgrade some of the conveniences of the Snoozy II, but for the most part there is little difference from one Snoozy II to another. This consistency streamlines the manufacturing process, which is important for the brand as the Snoozy II prides itself on delivery times of just a few weeks.

Compared to other brands of fiberglass caravans that take months or even a year to deliver a motorhome, the Snoozy II is great for motorhomes that can't wait to hit the road.

7. camper cuts

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Breaking into the caravan scene in 2021,camper cutsis a fiber optic VR brand with big plans for the future. With years of experience building offshore powerboats, Cortés plans to use much of the same technology in its caravan projects.

Using fiberglass layers bonded to a honeycomb core, Cortés coats each camper with the highest quality marine gelcoat. They are also built on trailers made from high-strength, low-alloy steel. This makes every Cortes caravan extremely UV and corrosion resistant.

Currently only available in bold color options, Cortes has filed a patent for an innovative aluminized (silver) fiberglass option that will be even more resistant to damage.

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Cortes motorhomes are notable competitors in the fiberglass trailer brand market due to their interior and exterior finishes. Those who love to cook will love the chef-inspired kitchen on these RVs.

The stainless steel appliance, on-board oven, gooseneck faucet, and removable cutting board are features not often found on a 17-foot RV.

While they currently only offer a 17-foot trailer, Cortés has five other models in the pipeline. In fact, the range of travel trailer sizes that Cortés plans to offer is sure to be a defining aspect of its brand.

In the near future, Cortés plans to release 14, 27, 32 and 36 foot models. Cortes will not only market GRP trailers with the smallest and largest models on the market, but also plans to launch a GRP trailer. With so many great plans, Cortes Campers is sure to be a dominant force in the fiberglass trailer market.

8. Big Foot RV

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large foot caravanis another fiberglass RV brand that manufactures RVs and RVs. They offer a 1500 series fiberglass trailer and a more luxurious 2500 series trailer. Each is available in multiple sizes to suit both short and long flatbed trucks.

On the detachable side, this fiberglass tag brand's offerings have 3 detachable tags. The B17 Lightweight Single Axle is a travel trailer that weighs less than 5,000 pounds. The B21 and B25 tandem axles are travel trailers that weigh less than 7,500 pounds. Each trailer series has at least 2 different plants to choose from so you can decide which one is right for you.

All fiberglass Bigfoot RVs are extremely well insulated and are considered all-season recreational vehicles. The 1500 series motorhome has an option for 1" R6 high density EPS insulation. Both the upgraded 2500 series trailer and 2500 series caravan are fitted with 1½" R8 EPS insulation.

Some models even have enclosed heated tanks, making the Bigfoot one of the best year-round fiberglass trailers on the market.

Well-equipped for extreme temperatures, it seems only natural that Bigfoot teams would also be well-equipped for boandocking. The 1500 Series Truck Camper is battery operated and solar enabled. The 2500 Series can be purchased with an auto transfer switch generator package and solar power system.

Wherever you choose to camp, you don't have to sacrifice luxury in a Bigfoot RV. Skylights, power outlets, faux leather upholstery, porcelain toilets, and a folding shower door are upgrades you'll appreciate on a Bigfoot.

If you're planning to camp off the beaten track but aren't willing to sacrifice comfort, Bigfoot may just be the fiberglass RV brand you've been looking for. Best of all, Bigfoot RV is one of the few fiberglass RV brands sold on RV dealership lots.

9. Armadillo Pendant

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Sweet and easy to roll like its namesake,Armadillo PendantThey are another notable Canadian brand of fiberglass caravans. The founders of Armadillo have revived and restored some of the same molds that were used to make the original Armadillo brand fiberglass pendants of yore.

In fact, the BACKPACK model that Armadillo now offers is built using an ancient mold that has never been used before.

Both the Armadillo and BACKPACK models are roughly the same size, measuring 13.5 feet and 14 feet, respectively. The main difference is that the BACKPACK model is squarer, allowing for larger windows and more headroom.

All campers manufactured by Armadillo can be customized with fun exterior colors. You can also choose cabinet, countertop, fabric, and vinyl colors. Other options include solar panels, a portable toilet, or an outdoor shower.

There are multiple plan options on the Armadillo and BACKPACK models. In addition to a rear double bed, which serves as a dining area, you have the choice between a front table for two people, a sofa bench or a triple bunk bed.

With the BACKPACK model, you can opt for a front kitchen with a small portable toilet. Another option at MOCHILA is a front bathroom with toilet.

Armadillo Trailers is a small fiberglass trailer brand that packs a punch.

10. Happiest Camper

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happier campersthey are also small, but powerful. As one of the most versatile fiberglass travel trailer brands, Happier Camper differentiates itself from the competition with its innovative Adaptive modular component technology.

You can choose a bed, bench, table, bins with countertops, cooling tub, or any combination for your Adaptive components. All you have to do is place them on the floor in a grid pattern where they will stay stable and create your perfect layout.

If you ever need to use your Happier Camper as a toy truck, simply remove the components to free up garage space. You can even take your living space outside, as Adaptiv components are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This brand of fiberglass RV offers four different models ranging in size from 13.5ft to 17ft. The original and most basic model offered is the HC1. This is the smallest trailer in the Happier Camper fleet and features a fully customizable adaptive interior.

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The HC1 Studio is similar to the HC1 but offers a small equipped kitchen and an attached bathroom. For the business oriented fiberglass trailer enthusiast there is the HC1 Venture. This model features a service bar and rear concession window perfect for temporary stores.

The largest and most luxurious caravan that Happier Camper offers is the Traveler. The bathroom and kitchen are in the middle of this caravan. These key functions create two distinct adaptive-enabled realms.

The Happier Camper is unique, customizable and the only fiberglass campervan brand on our list that doubles as a toy truck and works well as a mobile shop.

Top 4 brands of fiberglass travel trailers

Top 10 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Brands | (13)

1. What are the pros and cons of GRP trailers?

GRP trailers are light, aerodynamic and relatively dense. This durability gives them a long service life and high resale value.

The way fiberglass RV manufacturers use lacquer molds to make their RVs prevents them from expanding to the full size of the RV. That is, if there is room on board for a toilet, then something has to be sacrificed.

2. Which GRP travel trailer manufacturer is the most reliable?

It is difficult to say which GRP trailer manufacturer is the most reliable. All fiberglass RV brands build their RV canopies in essentially the same way.

The seamless roof and rounded corners make fiberglass RVs leak-proof. This leak resistance extends the average lifespan of fiberglass RVs compared to their traditional RV counterparts.

3. Which brands of fiberglass trailers are the cheapest?

Top 10 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Brands | (14)

The cheapest fiberglass travel trailer brands depend on your budget. It is important to remember that with additional costs come additional services.

The size often influences the price as well. Unsurprisingly, the larger models are more expensive. However, if your family needs more space, the extra square footage might be worth the extra cost.

Likewise, if you're a camping duo, bigger isn't necessarily better. If garage space and maneuverability are particularly important to you, the largest and most expensive trailer might not be the best option.

4. How long do GRP trailers last?

The average GRP trailer will last years longer than traditional trailers. Many owners pass them on to their children and grandchildren.

By tracking maintenance using an RV checklist, these RVs can last much longer. If you go to a rally with fiberglass trailers, don't be surprised if you see some that date back to the 70's or 80's.

So which brand of fiberglass trailers is the best?

Top 10 Fiberglass Travel Trailer Brands | (15)

While there used to be only a few select brands of GRP trailers, today there are many. It can be difficult to decide which is the best. Luckily, all GRP trailers are essentially shaped the same. Factors like fuel efficiency and durability are remarkably similar to the basic designs themselves.

Some manufacturers have developed special fiberglass or gel coatings that make their models particularly weather-resistant. Others invented modular furniture or other innovative floor plans.

Scamp, Armadillo and Happier Camper have focused on compact, versatile motorhomes that fit almost anywhere. Cortés and Bigfoot, on the other hand, placed more emphasis on spacious floor plans.

Each of the fiberglass RV brands has its niche. Which GRP motorhome is best for you depends on your needs and preferences.

About the author:

Laura Tyrell is a part-time RVer and full-time mother of three. Campers and RVs long before they had children, Laura and her husband have fallen even more in love with the RV lifestyle since becoming parents to a child with a food allergy.

Your own kitchen on wheels makes your trip with the mobile home an experience. Laura is passionate about finding ways to make traveling with young children fun, easy and doable.

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