Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (2023)

Overkill Software has developed this amazing game where players have the freedom to create and mix their play styles and gear to have the most fun with Payday 2. In this game, players can develop their skills and perks as per their need. Additionally, they can customize their weapons with an impressive arsenal that allows players to choose from dozens upon dozens of weapons and tons of accessories to complete their favorite Payday 2 builds.

Payday 2 is a game that always has something to do and fun for its players! This wide variety of content can be confusing and intimidating for new players. One of the latest additions to this second entry in Payday are the skill and perk decks, which can be confusing if you've never interacted with this game. In this article, we've decided to cover our top 5 builds, including a quick look at your weapons, perk deck, and abilities to get you started on your quests.

Overview of our best Payday 2 builds

Everything we've chosen for this list are things that have worked for us and, more importantly, things that we like. "What's best for you" can be subjective and you as a player will find what works best for you in your heists; I hope this article can guide you.

1. Stealth Construction

Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (1)

As gamers, we all love to shoot at every opportunity while playing first-person shooters, especially when we see the most irrelevant text in a game that says stealth is optional for that mission.Complete a stealth mission in Payday 2It can be one of the most challenging but at the same time the most fun and rewarding ways to complete your missions.

Weapons We Recommend For Stealth Builds In Payday 2

  • 9mm bore
  • CAR-4 (must be modified)
  • Akimbo Chimano Kompakt
  • Judge
  • Clara 12G
  • Pistolas Bernetti 9

This weapon list focuses on balancing stealth and reliability so you won't be easily spotted by guards, but at the same time won't let you down if you need to be loud.

Recommended Perk Deck: The Thief

Thief allows you to perform actions faster and quieter.

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recommended skills

  • Stockholm syndrome
  • forced friendship
  • hardware expert
  • cleaner
  • parkour
  • high quality target

2. Stoic Physicist

Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (2)

This build focuses on the Stoic Perk Deck, which replaces your Throwable with Stoic's Hip Flasks and reduces damage taken by 75%. This buff deck will eventually call out damage taken, so you need to be ready and know how to back off. TOBuild Stoischer in Payday 2allows you to tank enemies and get close to them for a limited time.

Weapons We recommend a stoic build

  • KSP light machine gun
  • Judge

These weapons should allow you to quickly dash into areas of enemies while taking damage.

Recommended Perk Deck: Stoic

This perk deck replaces your throwable item with a consumable called a flask.

recommended skills

  • paramedic
  • quick fix
  • tapas
  • Inspired
  • forced friendship
  • Clown
  • kidnapper
  • stranger
  • resilience
  • Hard to Kill
  • infallible
  • fire control
  • safe
  • parkour
  • cunning bastard
  • optical illusion
  • Low blow
  • duck and cap
  • Nine lives (Aced gives the player one life before being stopped)
  • kitten
  • balance

3. Payday Sniper Build 2

Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (3)

Payday 2 is a game that launches hordes and hordes of enemies that will try to kill you at point blank range with enemies like the cape, taser or bulldozer. This game can be especially challenging when it comes to using snipers, but at the same time satisfying once you get the hang of it.Build a shooter in Payday 2shouldn't necessarily put you at a disadvantage at close range if built correctly.

Weapons we recommend for Great Sniper Builds in Payday 2

  • Life Suger .308 Sniper Rifle
  • TR700 sniper rifle
  • desert fox sniper rifle
  • Micro Uzi Machine Gun
  • The Richter shotgun
  • China Puff 40mm Granatewerfer

The primary weapons on this list should allow you to kill enemies from long range, and the secondary weapons won't let you down when you need to kill a horde of enemies in your area.

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Recommended Perk Decks for a Sniper Build

Player – This deck allows players to increase their ammo pickup rate, heal with ammo packs, and slightly increase damage.

Crew Boss – This perk deck focuses on increasing headshot damage, stamina, and health.

Rogue: Rogue increases damage, penetrates armor, and enemies will target teammates instead of the player.

  • paramedic
  • quick fix
  • combat medic
  • Obermaterial (Aced)
  • Inspire (Accessed)
  • Forced Friendship (Aced)
  • Guasón (Acedido)
  • Trusted (Accessed)
  • Accomplices (Aced)
  • Hostage Taker (Aced)
  • stable framing
  • Sagittarius (Aced)
  • Aggressive Reload (Aced)
  • ammo efficiency
  • Grasen (Accessed)
  • stranger
  • Shotgun Impact (Aced)
  • Wide (Accessed)
  • Fence
  • Excess (Aced)
  • Third Act (Accessed)
  • Sentinel Marksmanship Pack (Aced)
  • Eco-Wachposten (Aced)
  • mechanical Engineering
  • Tower Defense (Aced)
  • second wind
  • optical illusion
  • High Quality Target (Aced)

4. Hand-in-hand development

Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (4)

If you're looking for a challenge, this perk deck is for you. In a game that throws dozens of enemies at you, using melee attacks is almost a death sentence in the game. Melee combat requires only a good physique and great skill and experience in the game. Players need to know when to push, when to hide, which enemies to attack, when to attack, and when to retreat.

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Melee Weapons We Recommend For Solid Melee Builds In Payday 2

  • stainless steel syringe
  • pistol butt
  • Nova Chank
  • the executioner
  • electric brass knuckles
  • to explore

Most of these melee weapons have a disruptive effect on enemies, poison them, or simply deal significant damage.

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Recommended Perk Decks for this Melee Build

Intruder:Players benefit from increased melee stats when enemies are close.

Sociopath:This perk shares many similarities with an Infiltrator, except that the Socio benefits from armor instead of health.

Yakuza:This perk is intended for lone wolves who don't want to rely on their teammates, and helps players when they are low on health.

recommended skills

  • paramedic
  • quick fix
  • tapas
  • Inspired
  • forced friendship
  • Clown
  • kidnapper
  • stranger
  • counterattack
  • Martial Arts
  • Blutdürst
  • iron bomb
  • second wind
  • Iron Man

We strongly recommend that you visit our detailedGuide to a melee build in Payday 2.

5. Accumulation of blood

Top 5 Payday 2 Builds (Updated 2023) (5)

ABlutegel compiled on payday 2, similar to Stoic, is designed around a unique perk deck. This perk deck allows players to get close to enemies and benefit them and their teammates when they take damage. This perk also allows players to be very aggressive, as it turns him into a tank.

Leech Perk Deck will also replace Throwable with Leech Ampoule. After using Leech Ampoule, 40% health is restored and your health is divided into 20% segments. Killing two enemies restores one token.

(Video) Using ChatGPT to Create the Best Build in Payday 2.

Weapons we recommend for Payday 2 Leech Builds

  • Akimbo Krinkov machine guns
  • Akimbo Goliat 12G Schrotflinten
  • Judge
  • China Puff 40mm Granatewerfer

These weapons should allow you to kill enemies quickly, especially when you need two kills to regenerate a health segment.

Recommended Perk Deck - Leech

This buff deck replaces your throwable with a vial that can be activated to provide health buffs.

recommended skills

  • paramedic
  • quick fix
  • Battle Medic (Aced)
  • Inspire (Accessed)
  • forced friendship
  • Clown
  • Trusted (Accessed)
  • Accomplices (Aced)
  • Hostage Taker (Aced)
  • stranger
  • fusil CQB
  • Shotgun Impact (Aced)
  • Cerca (Aced)
  • exaggerate
  • duck and cap
  • Parkour (Aced)
  • Stoßfest (Aced)
  • second wind
  • balance
  • accepted
  • nine lives

Honorable Mention: Anarchist Construction

The Anarchist Perk Deck in Payday 2 is another great option to build your next loadout. Payday 2 is a game that rewards those who are willing to take risks.

If you choose an anarchist build in Payday 2, get ready for an adrenaline rush of fast and furious action with this aggressive loadout! It's not for everyone, so extra care should be taken when planning your strategy. But if you're in the mood for some daring heists without taking too many precautions, then look no further than this method, specially designed to help you succeed in record time!

If this aggressive type of charging is for you, check out our complete guide to the bestConstructed Anarchists in Payday 2.

Conclusion on our 5 most popular payday 2 builds in 2023

These perk decks can be challenging but fun to use, so we picked them. Give them a try, decide for yourself which one suits your playing style the best, and most importantly, have fun with it. We've got other Payday 2 builds for you that aren't on our top 5 list! You can also check ourZahltag 2 Dodge-ConstruirIt's inThe best weapons in Payday 2.

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Nice heist, good luck!


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