Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (2023)

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (1)

Most people have a double chin when they gain weight, but some people have a visible double chin even when they are thin.

Genetics is a common reason why skinny people have a double chin. Other possible causes include mouth breathing, positioning of the hyoid bone, aging, poor posture, and improper bite. It is possible for a combination of these causes to result in a double chin.

A good submental profile is the key to an attractive face:

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny?


A common reason why you can have a double chin even though you are skinny is your genetics. Each person's body distributes fat differently. Your body is likely to naturally store fat around your chin. For some people, fat under the jaw is literally the last thing to go. Even if you're thin, you may need to reach an extremely low level of body fat before it disappears, for example. B. 5-8%.

Genetics are likely to be to blame, especially if you're trying to exercise and eat a low-calorie diet but still have a double chin.

There are some facial exercises you can try to slim your chin. Please note that these may not be very effective.Targeted weight loss is a myth. You need to lose weight all over your body to see if your jaw narrows. However, if you are already skinny but have a double chin, you may need to find alternative ways to get rid of it.

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However, if you do TMJ exercises while trying to lose weight, you can tone your neck muscles and improve your double chin.

cliqueherefor more information on what you can do to lose neck fat.

hyoid bone

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (2)

The hyoid bone is a floating bone located between the neck and the jaw. It should normally be between the C3 and C4 vertebrae.The hyoid bone usually determines what the area under the jaw will look like. Most people don't have neck fat and a thin face when the hyoid bone is high and in the back, because they also have little body fat.

However, you will have a weak jaw if the hyoid bone is low and forward. It will also make it look like you have more neck fat.

The hyoid bone is attached to a thin layer of muscle. With age, the hyoid bone often collapses. This is why most older people develop a double chin.


As mentioned above, the hyoid bone often collapses with age. As the hyoid bone moves down and forward, it creates a jowl or jowl.

However, as we age, the skin also loses its elasticity. The skin becomes loose and wrinkled, accentuating the double chin.

Also, facial fat generally decreases with age. So the combination of skin, hyoid bone, and fat shifted downwards and forwards often causes you to have a double chin as you age, especially if you maintain a lean weight.

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breathe mouth

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (3)

Years of mouth breathing can affect the appearance of your face. Mouth breathers often share physical characteristics such as a retracted chin, weak jaw, longer face, etc.Breathing through your mouth stretches your face as you push your chin down and back. It often accentuates or creates a double chin.

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (4)

Mouth breathing brings your face down because your mouth is open when you breathe. Furthermore, the tongue provides little or no stimulation to the upper palate, as mouth breathers usually have a low tongue position. It often creates a sunken look in the center of the face.

bad attitude

A constant forward head can eventually lead to a double chin. We often don't realize that we are relaxed when we are sitting down, especially when we are using a computer, reading, talking on the phone, etc.

Bad posture increases the double chin. The chin and neck muscles often get weak because we don't use them, causing them to get weak and then fall out.

Ironically, correcting your posture sometimes makes your double chin look worse. Throwing your head forward is bad posture, but it spreads out all the tissues under the jaw, making it look better temporarily, but worse over time.

Skeletal problems / incorrect bite

Incorrect bites can often cause a double chin, especially an overbite. When you have an overbite, your upper jaw is more forward than your lower jaw. In extreme cases, the mandible is inserted so far back that the chin and mandible press against the neck and a double chin occurs.

An incorrect bite can also result from mouth breathing. As mentioned above, mouth breathing causes a sunken chin and jaw. A receding chin and lower jaw are usually much further back than the upper jaw, resulting in an overbite.

With a tucked chin, there is less room for the soft tissues to expand and you will have a double chin.

How do I get rid of a double chin?


Meowing can help reduce dewlap prominence. If you think your double chin is growing, you might as well avoid that.

Mauling helps to tighten the jaw muscles. If you grind correctly, you should feel the thyroid cartilage rise.Mewing encourages you to adopt proper posture. While proper head and neck posture won't cure double chin, it can prevent it from getting worse.

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (5)

When meowing, you should place your tongue on the roof of your mouth with your mouth closed. You need to lightly touch your molars. The new position of the tongue and mouth will encourage the jaw to move up and forward, which will reduce the prominence of the double chin.

Also, meowing forces you to breathe through your nose. As mentioned above, mouth breathing can cause and worsen a double chin, so meowing can be of great help.

cliquehereto learn more about Maulen.

Treat the signs of aging

They can also treat early signs of aging to prevent a double chin from growing. For example, you can buy products with anti-aging properties and add them to your skincare routine (remember, you should apply them to your neck, not just your face).

Many non-invasive procedures can also help. For example, Botox can freeze the neck muscles to prevent wrinkles and strengthen the appearance of the neck muscles.

Cool Sculpting

Another non-invasive double chin treatment is CoolSculpting. The procedure is "Fat Freezing Fat Reduction". It has minimal downtime, making it a convenient choice for most people. Many doctors call this an alternative to liposuction.

To perform the procedure, the doctor will aspirate specific areas of fat. Then they will freeze the fat cells. Freezing causes the fat cells to slowly die and they naturally exit through the lymphatic system.

Keep in mind that it is possible to get your double chin back after the procedure. Dead fat doesn't come back. However, new fat can still grow, especially as you gain weight. There are also some hypotheses that dead fat cells can regenerate over time.

double chin surgery

Why do I have a double chin if I'm skinny? 🇧🇷 Magnum Workshop (6)

Double chin surgery is usually a combination of different procedures that tighten your neck muscles and remove excess fat.

Common procedures performed for double chin surgery include:

  • stretched neck
  • Submentoplastia
  • Liposuction on the chin

In some cases, you may only need one procedure to get rid of a double chin. However, some patients require a combination of procedures to lose it.

For example, a surgeon may perform liposuction to remove excess neck fat. However, you may also need a neck lift if your skin is not very elastic to ensure your neck skin looks firm.

A younger person can easily undergo liposuction as they still have very elastic skin. All patients in one study who underwent neck liposuction had a significant improvement in neck contour (Innocenti et al., 2014🇧🇷 However, this does not guarantee that the skin on the neck will look the same after the operation.

Similar to cool sculpting, double chin surgery is not a permanent cure for a double chin. As it removes excess fat and tightens the skin, it is still possible for fat to grow back in the jaw and neck areas and skin to sag with age.

For more information on how to get rid of neck fat visitour article.


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